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I've been wanting to see this movie. I thought he was a good time of his praise. And once I learned that there is a similar film in 1932. I decided to look it up first.
He liked me and I decided to see a new option, thinking that it will be even better. How am I disappointed. Perhaps it would be better to compare these two films, to explain why I believe the second bad.
Let's start from the beginning. The first film begins with the fact that the creators talk about his goals. The film was a warning, and cried to appeal to common sense, the government and citizens. and when I saw the second, I thought with what purpose it was removed. The new film starts with that comes a lot of Cuban refugees in the United States, including many criminals. I guess you have to be blind not to see here the anti-communist propaganda. In the first such an event did not occur, the refugees were sailing, not because but in spite of the Cuban authorities. Second Conversation with Tony border too emotional. Tony describes life in Cuba as a prison. In actual fact a socialist country - it's a comfortable place for the layman. Free train, employ medical care. Bad there lived only dissidents and businessmen. And Tony, as it turned out, none of them, but only the perpetrator and quite antisocial type. What do you mean 'I have from Russian of boots sticking fingers'? Cuba does not make shoes? Russian greedy? A strange phrase that did not seem to mean anything hints that Russian something hurt our character. Second killing of Cuban politics. 'I kill a communist fun radi'.Kak you like it? Not because he has tortured people, not because his death would allow to leave the reservation. Only because of political convictions, he was ready to kill the man. You can not wonder why he does not appreciate his work in the diner, Tony wants to continue to be the culprit, and become even more successful in this case.
And he fanatically eager for power and money. The old film was the same. But the character was not an old movie drunk and did not take important decisions being drunk. He bought expensive clothes, went to the theater and sipping expensive wines in the restaurant. The same character is killed by cocaine has not yet become the boss. And slowly he is already beginning to disgust. You can imagine how he
distorted perception of reality.
Go ahead, girl boss in an old movie symbolized power. Tony seduce her in different ways: their perseverance and courageous behavior
front of the boss. He was trying to impress her with his wealth, squeezing between it and its ringleader. Which was worth only one point with zakurivaniem. Compared
with this color version looks shabby. Elvira looks like a sick whore. It is difficult to understand how it is possible to fall in love. And our hero does not conquer it, he just
only expressed his desire to possess her. In one scene, he simply asks her to become his wife. That's forehead. It seemed no less stupid than that scene,
when his troubled friend shows tongue on the beach. The scene in which Tony scolds his wife for what she gave birth to his children in my opinion the best part of the movie
. then it is clear that power and money are made only huzhe.'Smotri - she was a drug addict 'And what surprised you also addict. And why he wanted children? As he brought them, what would be taught? If he really wanted to create a healthy family, I would have found another woman and married her. But he did not find time for it. do not forget he has brains nabikren.
Since Tony was the new boss, he became less and less adequate to think. Tony from the old film was a gangster, who was trying to solve all the problems of the murders. He imitated their fellows. He decided that if someone needed to kill, you can become a great boss and live happily ever after. To behave like a psychopath was a conscious decision of the character. And the film shows what it leads. And in color film Tony simply degraded by uncontrolled drug use. This is well illustrated in the scene of the murder of Mani. When he opened the door to his friend, he began to smile in his face, but I had to say something. He knew as Gina, Tony sniffing cocaine, and how it relates to his sister. And Gina's face expression is also not to say that she was married. Even I would have decided that they were just having fun. But Tony did as a psychopath who took the drug. It is quite predictable.
But a couple of characters I liked all the same. For example the banker, which held business, Tony. He feared no one and experienced the protagonist. Of course, the film is completely dedicated to Tony, and ends with his death and the film, but I would like to see as a banker and now live and money launderers new drug lord. After all it is. Or Sosa - a role model to all drug dealers. For a penny makes a drug and sell it to another country. Someone it takes or distributes, and he does not care. He lives in his palace and sipping tea.
unclear once why he entrusted Tony elimination journalist, knowing that he was a drug addict. He needed only a trusted person who knows New York and drives a car. In general, in the film a lot of improbable and that it spoils. I can not enumerate all these oddities, just look it carefully.
script so-so. Perhaps directing too lame. It looks natural and it's not quite ugly for drama. I would say that the drama opens with a scene in a restaurant when Elvira finally leaves. Be sure to praise the actors, everyone played their role efficiently. Al Pacino, certainly played better than anyone. He is well accustomed to the image, and in the end I even began to sympathize with him. Special thanks I want to say lighters. I think that thanks to them, you can feel an atmosphere of frustration and meaningless though I am not an expert in this.
Though the film and the quality, I do not see any reason to watch it right now. In the late 80s he was in the Union, which is falling apart from freedom. Then it was time.
major drug traffickers there was not. It was necessary somehow to reason with people and teach them how to sell merchandise quietly and does not stick out. And as we see the events of 90
few have succeeded. Now the film the more one learned nothing. He is not a multi-faceted and aesthetics here a little. Is that when bored and have nothing to watch
possible to look once more. In this case, I am more concerned about content than form, so my assessment
6 of 10

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