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Scarface, "Brian De Palma is officially considered a remake of the eponymous 1932 film. Although the similarities between the two versions of the criminal gangster adventures with the markings on the face is not too much, because they are very different eras: to replace the Great Depression came the luxurious life in the hot Miami sun, where criminals are much more cruel and immoral even by the standards of the criminal environment. Is not this a case of psychology, when the high temperature contributes to human aggression? Of course not, and director Brian De Palma for almost three-hour movie repeatedly confirm that the silly excuses in bad deeds
From the outset, the operator concentrates on Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino.) - Cuban political refugees, have been released in the US dictator Castro. Rather, thrown out like garbage, the country with communist ideals, where any such debris is not necessary. Historically, refugees from Cuba greatly annoy the US government, which is not surprising, because among them one Tony - a particularly dangerous gang. He, like many compatriots, trying by all means to survive in the new place. A short honest work and a speedy departure in crime makes it clear: Tony - ordinary criminal, a murderer who never got rid of a muddy past in the present, and all the bravado about politichnost lost. He has not changed.
Montana differs from the rest of the Ardent desire for power and money. On the way to him Skarfeys ready for maximum risk, it is not thinking about the consequences. The same scene with a chainsaw, for example, turned out just because of misunderstanding companions of drug trafficking, which is the culprit ended up as a Cuban. But cold calculation saves Tony here and pull it to the very top in the future, despite the fact that he occasionally flirt with fire. And after he gets! He is moving too quickly through the ranks, becoming VIPs in expensive institutions, recognized the man in the street. One can not say that Tony somehow subtly scatter brain, no. He is assisted by a firm character and a personal code of honor that huckster -. Extremely rare
After a wonderful scene with a span of the airship, a translating Inspired by the famous words of the hero of 'The World Is Yours', the film seriously changing dynamics. Now torn story with tips like 'the past 3 months' leave instead of one connected line. It is important to follow the main character in more detail and to recall his previous one. Chronologically, it turns out that the story of Tony soldier much longer history of Tony-Baron. And all because that falls Montana, nowhere seeks. Passion for cocaine and boundless power to create in him a monster. (The first, by the way, throughout the film can be seen in the dialogues, creating one more a moral issue). Previously, though he was ill, still trying to fence from this bright aspirations. He has forbidden his sister Gina meet with his best friend Manny (and with all kinds of trash) because it did not want to harm her, but beware of it at every step, because Manny - a bandit. Tony wanted family and unselfishly in love with her friend Elvira boss wanted from her children. But after losing the last outlines mind Skarfeys becomes uncontrollable maniac, pissed on humanity, throw rotten, putting himself above honest people. Reproaching Elvira in idleness, in the passion of the powder, it does not try to help her - to go for treatment or corny support - and the family environment becomes something instinctive that have nothing to do with the mind. Sunset personality there.
Tony from the very beginning did not differ wit and cleverness. But under the influence of various passions it degrades more. Especially important is the fact that Tony sat in the eyes of the viewer. His example gives a lesson to everyone. It is unlikely that his fans there, he - an absolute anti-hero who kills and one who sows chaos around him, around the family. Perhaps his example - it's the best thing that could happen with the gangster movie. Besides, there is one solid reason. Director, first of all, have managed to create so very ugly situation behind the screen of the beautiful city. Miami criminal world - a storehouse of corruption, fights, riots, shootings, betrayal, lies and dirt. This is not a romanticized land, here the hero character called even in the context of the discussion of the film difficult. De Palma and written by Oliver Stone, the future director of the set of pictures of acute, embodied world inhabited by scum, unlike, say, the 'Godfather' gain wider recognition, which does have ennobled criminals. Thus, the creators hinted at a more open and truthful nature, which does not proniknesh no sympathy. But Tony - the true culprit of all. It is under his influence, the sister became a whore, the mother of his old age had grief, people were dying, breaking destiny. He begets violence, respond with violence. His example is indicative that he is guilty of all their sins, and no environment here at anything. Neither the heat nor the same dirty bastards, nor the state - only Tony Montana. His life there is no romance of the underworld, she rejects, it raises questions about human things.
impossible not to note the way in which 'Scarface' happened in terms of atmosphere. Bright Florida with girls in bikinis on the beach, with crowded clubs, with iridescent under the plot mood synthesizer Giorgio Moroder previously created an unprecedented, unique world, and saying - that they are true eighties. A Singing rotation, which need only submit 'Push It To The Limit' by Paul Engemanna, if sung embodies life on the edge. Surprising at all, that the film was able to put a quality soundtrack without a huge infusion of popular music. Definitely a picture of De Palma can be called one of the most stylish in cinema. Multiple operator finds the mad scene is still admired, are not povtoronnymi that adds respect to the authors for their work.
The fact that 'Scarface' was nominated in 1984 to the 'Razzie' extremely puzzling. Especially coupled with multiple nominations Golden Globe. After all, in the movie, as it turned out, a lot of sense. Of course, not so veiled filed, but it is extremely important. By the way, the film belongs to the New Hollywood, with official completes it. Against the backdrop of a beautiful visualization and the atmosphere it does not lose the plot significance, it remains faithful to the ideals of many already departed flow. It was stronger and the effect of the picture. As for shooting parties, and for other people. Legendary game GTA Vice City was set up under a huge influence of 'Scarface', what becomes clear almost immediately. About gangster movie and the rest of pop culture and can not speak.
9 out of 10.

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