"Saving Private Ryan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For Steven Spielberg are different - someone to this director is simply indifferent, someone considers it completely superficial creator and someone adores this magical storyteller, almost all of whose films are incredibly informative, exciting and profound. 'Saving Private Ryan' I first saw recently, and very sorry that I have not had a chance to evaluate it before. To be honest, I am not a fan of the military drum, - yes, I admit that these pictures, especially created by talented artists, most of them are perfect, but the severity of which is left to these masterpieces of the soul, it is depressing me. Sitting view 'Saving Private Ryan' I have already been building up to something very serious and uncompromising. As a result, the touching, the intimacy and sincerity of the film I was so hooked that I felt after watching a some fullness and peace.
This picture is not only about the war and its consequences, it is more about the people who once had a chance to undergo a terrible ordeal, which carried with it not only the endless struggle for survival, but also the most difficult and dangerous contest with his own soul, conscience and consciousness. In this tape shows a world in which every decision is fraught with very serious consequences, and the outcome depends not only on the lives of many people, but also a life of his own soul, which in this hell might die a lot sooner than the body. Captain John Miller charge to assemble a squad and go in search of Private James Ryan, who is behind enemy lines. The team goes on a journey, and along the way encounters with opponents, gradually losing squad members. The children do not understand why they have to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of the same as themselves, the soldier - who is this Ryan - what a big shot or an ordinary guy? The fact that the three brothers died in the war, James and Ryan was the only living child of his mother. Someone from the top thought that it would be terribly poor woman to know that she lost all four children at once, so it is important to return the boy home alive and unharmed. I admit, at first puzzled was not only the members of Miller's squad, but also for me, because those guys who died on this job, too, there are parents who are waiting for them. But gradually, as if it puzzled evaporated by passing the road sincere understanding of the situation, which made it possible to experience the essence is not one-sided, but rather widely and deeply. 'The main thing that he was worthy of it "- said to himself Commander Miller, after another heavy loss in the unit ...
Miller was all a mystery to his team, he is keenly following orders from above, and his opinion about the hold almost to the end kept to himself, while the guys reaching under his command tried to challenge the task. John just wanted to go home to his wife, as well, and all of them, and if it is necessary to save the soldier, he was ready to do it at any cost. But at the same time, on the way to the end, he did not lose their humanity in helping outsiders not to get into trouble, though, in fact was not obliged to do so. There was a time when some of the guys in his group not only challenged certain decisions, but also threatened to pull away at all - but the fortitude and genuine directness Miller still took up and deserves great respect from the young soldiers. Tom Hanks failed in its role just fine - nice to contemplate on the screen next saldafona soulless, but very understanding and sensual man with a brave heart and brave heart. Actors who played the guys from his unit also did not disappoint - especially liked Edward Burns as the controversial Richard, Vin Diesel in the heroic role Kaparzo, Giovanni Ribisi, in the role of a medic Irwin, and of course Jeremy Davies, who played a tramp in Aphama translator squad - his early hero does not have to be provided on the battlefield and shoot a gun, and therefore the tests that lay on his frail shoulders, were the most complicated for him. If you've seen the horror of war, the soldiers shoot the unarmed enemy had time to spit, then his soul resisted all this violence and called for mercy. The enemy, which he begged not to kill the commander, returned and killed two of his friends by hitting Aphama on his vulnerable soul and conscience. At this time, Irwin was not spared and decisively struck down by a bullet Fritz, but that does not prevent him afterwards, let the other defeated the Germans back home ...
Doing so hard way the team finally found Private James Ryan - mysterious soldier, they require It has been saved. And here I would like to celebrate this long-awaited meeting, not only for Miller and his boys, but also for the audience, for having gone through so many obstacles and losses, together with the heroes of the picture, it was incredibly interesting to look into the eyes of this guy and learn a lot about him. Do not show the ordinary to the almost final battle, it was the most interesting way, which intrigued and gave rein to the imagination and to all kinds of speculation, - a scene in which the team first encounters with James and carefully considering of it, trying to assess his every glance and gesture - gorgeous! And Ryan is really a regular guy, who, along with his brothers went to war and is now bravely battling in your party. And of course, he will not go to the Miller home team, because he is not better than their friends and generally anyone whatsoever, and even learn through that had to go through a rescue group and how many onaya because of it lost, Ryan is still a fight. And instead of confusion and anger in the eyes of Miller, we see the sincere understanding - it would have done so any decent soldiers. Well, then I have one more fight back, to stay and to give the enemy - perhaps it all this and went ... 'Ryan, be worthy of it ..!'
P.S. 'Saving Private Ryan' Steven Spielberg is very thin and incredibly soulful picture carries the deep thoughts and interesting solutions. Moreover, it is superb shot from the technical side - some episodes demonstrate the great scenery by the cities destroyed during the war, against which there are magnificent battle depicted very realistically and honestly. Without a bit of jingoism, of course, too, was not, but great actors are so natural in their imagery, and the narrative is so lively, sensual and touching, in this context, it looks quite a organically.
9 out of 10

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