"Saving Private Ryan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In January 1942, the five Sullivan Brothers in a burst of patriotism after the attack on Pearl Harbor to enlist in the navy, and they also made it a condition - they must serve together on the same ship. Such a display of enthusiasm, together with the fraternal support could not evaluate the command, predicting a very attractive story to the press. And so it happened: on Sullivan wrote, photographed them and in every way PR media campaign but turned against its initiators, when the cruiser on which the brothers served, sank, and all five were killed in one day. Navy leadership was accused of improper compliance is not until the end of the official rules associated with the service in the Navy family.
After this unpleasant event family members began to distribute to different duty stations, regardless of their desire, and at the same time there was also an unofficial policy of 'last surviving ', according to which the supposed not just not call last son in the family to the front, as well as to send home in case of death of other relatives (in 1948 this policy was officially fixed). During the Second World indicative were cases Borgstrom brothers (four killed and five demobilized after the petition of parents, and the sixth is not called to the front), Byuthorn brothers (two were killed, a third recalled from the front), and finally, brothers Niland, paratroopers, three of whom were killed and a fourth was recalled from the front home. It is the story of the latter and became the basis for the plot of the film 'Saving Private Ryan'.
Thus, it appears that the plot, which may seem completely implausible to us, those who grew up in the Soviet Union or its descendants are, in fact, it has a a historical basis. However, it is obvious that these people were taken from the front by transmitting the order, for example, in the radio part. Personally, I did not come across information on how to follow someone from those who had to pick up, deported the entire rescue team. After all, in my opinion, the Americans inherent practicality and risk the whole group - is impractical and very much so. That is why the plot complication, despite the true basis of looks still pretty melodramatic.
You could delve into the causes of the American command decisions in the film, among which are, first of all, the fact that the war was not conducted at the US territory and, from the point of view of the average inhabitant of the United States, does not threaten his peace and comfort, in addition to the need to send their children overseas to perdition. And as in the United States public opinion still had a certain value (at least within the framework of the election process), and the press enjoyed a certain degree of freedom, so that the power is periodically subjected to disparaging criticism, any another story in the papers about the death of all children of the same family could refocus the public mood, say, in the direction of the opponents of American involvement in World War II (and such, I'm sure, I was). That is why, in order to avoid such negative pulses, the command could theoretically decide to donate to those who can, for the sake of what you can not.
But in a film like causes get round. Representatives of the General Staff shows more 'fathers of the people' who are genuinely worried about the fate of every soldier and every soldier's mother and can not afford another broken American hearts, symbolizing thus the most 'capitalism with a human face' and, in fact, bringing potentially good military elements of the drama of a Hollywood soap.
on the other hand, ordinary performers thought about the wisdom of such a command decision in the film are still present, because few people want to give Ms. Hb for free. Captain so in general will demonstrate interesting mathematical calculations, which give their own lives for the salvation of many unknown and unfamiliar kind can be, but for one thing - not quite logical, especially since the latter can be completely unworthy of
Disclosure of the characters in the movie. quite usual for the military drama. For example, there are a number of recognizable types, in particular, the "iron" the captain that hides the past, staff young man who never killed anyone, Bezbashenny soldiers, religious (in this case) sniper. Perhaps it was because of a certain sketchy film has only a single acting nomination for 'Oscar' - Tom Hanks, and she seems to have discharged more by inertia, because statues to him and did not get. No, not that starred in the bad, simple and outstanding call them hard.
These heroes will wade warpath, along the way solving current problems, apart from the mainstream, taking not always logical (albeit morally correct) solutions, but it is showing that the job in the war should always be above any personal controversial thoughts about its feasibility. Doubts will increasingly tightened veil of heroism, but the answers to the questions will be most comfortable for those who put them to show that their efforts and sacrifices are not in vain, and worth it. What would happen if it turned out the other way around? Well, obviously, it would be a completely different film
From minuses and :. The main intrigue twists and immediately dies literally in the first half hour of the three-hour blockbuster. In the future, the plot predictable place is so impressive that even sometimes prevents fully empathize with the heroes. But, obviously, the rate is not on the intrigue, not characters, but on emotional triggers that are either triggered or not for each individual viewer. Personally, in my case, they are still rather have worked, though not as deep as it is, obviously, was intended by the authors
On the positive side also :. We can not say about the award each and every high authenticity in terms of the reality of the image, such as clothing, form, military equipment and so on, but for me personally, for neznatoka, the reliability of these components is not so important. Much more important is the plot-ideological content, which, despite its shortcomings and melodrama shown, yet implements the normal idea of ​​the above: if life gives you a chance to survive, try to be worthy of this
Summarize :. A good military drama with interesting and unusual complication, but totally predictable future developments. If you do not wait for intrigue and do antimelodramatichnih vaccination, you can get a lot of pleasure from viewing.
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