"Saving Private Ryan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

But how do you want to look for a man, if he is at the front!
E. M. Remarque
'Saving Private Ryan' - one of the most exciting and important films about the Second World War, whose value we are constantly striving to understate announcing conjuncture, American grandstanding, attractions. Mol Che these Americans rush from his landing in Normandy? This does not have killed 30 million people! It does not have the Nazis burned a third of the earth, leaving millions of maimed destinies! We won! Our war!
There is in this truth, but still they are fundamentally not true. At least because our 'victory heralds' constantly forget that the Americans could not even fight! There were absolutely no obligation. Nobody trampled Texas, not bomb Chicago, not driving tanks around New York. Why did they have to help their enemies - because the Americans and the Nazis and the Communists were bitter ideological enemies. Yes, the US initially viewed the war as a profitable financial adventure (but anyone who will get into a war that directly does not concern them, choosing the lesser of two evils - can do so only for the sake of some benefit!) Yes, it will take a serious blow to American pride (Pearl Harbor), to begin to make some decisions. Yes, US cautious. And who is not? The Soviet Union to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? Stalin was so afraid worry about Hitler's self-esteem, even forbidden to roll in the USSR 'Great Dictator', and up to June 22, despite the exhortations of intelligence and spies have not made a final decision on the contraction of troops to the border, so that God forbid, not to provoke the Fuhrer. But by the time half of Europe was in German hands, but no one lifted a finger on any Anschluss, or the seizure of Czechoslovakia, neither the occupation of Poland, or even in the capture of Paris ... In war, one can not but be cautious, then everyone thinks first all about himself, and association with such serious contradictions and openly-hostile countries required a phenomenal political willpower and smart maneuvering between the interests and ideologies.
Yes, everyone has their own war. Every nation seeks to create a myth, closing their eyes to unpleasant pages of its history, trying to push himself to the fore, as the winner. This is absolutely true psychologically and politically. Each country should have heroes. In this case, the Americans really have something to be proud of. American soldiers, unlike ours, are absolutely not motivated to fight with the Germans, but still went and fought, and made a significant contribution to the common victory. And their mothers were killed sons - and on a completely foreign war with a country that they do not like being threatened. It is known that in the '40s was launched a series of propaganda films urging Americans that the war with Germany and their business.
Symbolically, the main US military movies new Hollywood movies have become an American Jew Spielberg, whose father fought in World War II . He took the best and most important film about the Holocaust, for obvious reasons, is extremely important to him, and spoke loudly on the subject of America during the Second World War, creating the incredible strength, emotional, philosophical implications, depth, artistry, humanity pictures. Yes, this topic is not possible without a certain share of pathos, it is in Soviet films about the war - to a greater or lesser extent. And tears for the victims of the recruits 'go to fight some old people' as sincere and needs, as well as tears choose from baked old-war American soldiers who lost friends will to be worthy of his salvation and victory.
Spielberg turns his film into a philosophical statement about the war, which from 'Schindler's List' have in common the general idea - save one life for the good of the whole nation. This is one of the fundamental differences between the US military from the Soviet film. Our bear the idea of ​​collective victory. US - winning every single person. We always feat collectives or generated by the collective consciousness of the Americans - always unique and is generated by a specific attitude to life individuals. Of course, Spielberg asks the question - was it worth it to risk your life more than the life of one soldier for? We like the plot of the film War is impossible in principle! Firstly, such a reverent attitude of the authorities to the particular people we unthinkable (in case this is real, just as real a personal letter to Lincoln woman lost in war's 5 sons: imagine that this letter Stalin wrote, impossible). We - all and all for the sake of victory, acquiring the features of a national idea. But here everything -. For the sake of man, no victory, as the supreme goal
Do not leave those who can be helped. You can not leave the mother without children. We should not leave his. Who can say that these ideas are noble and important - let him first cast a stone at me. After all, it makes sense, if not human life? It is here, for the soldiers fighting in the war for them unnecessary obscure purposes, such a mission takes on the logic and value. Here, no one to fight, except for their colleagues!
Spielberg not only thoroughly studied and recreated grand epic Battle of Normandy, forever securing his title of King of spectacular film, but more than any other, and told the people of war as Remarque or Simonov He wrote subtly and truly living characters of ordinary soldiers - turned into instruments of death of former teachers and accountants, brave and charming, cowardly and miserable, hot and calm, religious and wise men, fanatically dedicated and totally random ... A war he suddenly shows that the desire for sincerity, goodness, love, camaraderie inherent in the people initially and is indestructible. Therefore, we are so clear and close and unbeaten desperate, dying and happy, loving and suffering, generous and pathetic
Spielberg has made important -. Although this film, you feel a commonality with these strange mentality people feel spiritual kinship with them, and you know, that the majority of conflicts that are trying to impose on us - artificial. The best moments of the film achieves remarkovskoy contemplation - in an eerie contrast between calm colorful nature, serene sparring young men and their doom, it poses the atmosphere over all death
Our dogmatic understanding of the war, of course, this film is broken.. But the war - not a dogma, it is a disease (s) with different and always painful and ugly terrible symptoms. Spielberg with surgical precision to create a stunning on force statement about World War I such what it sees Americans, enchanting and terrible, terrible and prophetic, the US, and at the same time completely international - for doing it with such passion and sincerity that made the whole world to love and respect someone else's war heroes, as well as once the Americans forced themselves to fight for each of the Ryan's strange and alien to them massacre.
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