"Saving Private Ryan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Saving Private Rayana 'Steven Spielberg - is a classic canvas captured on mifoistorii. The first moment of the film - and immediately falls into the frame OH is practically the protagonist: fluttering in the wind Stars and Stripes American flag. Heard the first chords of pathetic music - the audience from the beginning to set up a serious discussion about the protection of democratic values. Arlington Cemetery, the camera sadly exposes the slender ranks of the graves of Americans who fell prey to fascism. The viewer is horrified, and he wanted to cry, but at the same time, it should well be aware that these victims were given in the name of a great cause: to always shining sun, and in cardboard pails never finished popcorn. Practically the American Dream in action.
is followed by the famous landing in Normandy on Omaha Beach. From the chatter of machine guns and explosions in the viewer lays in the ears. On the screen there is complete chaos: some of commanders trying to outshout the explosions, bullets screaming, some soldiers fall, others rise to immediately fall back again at least ... all, a new explosion ... Camera first-person voiceover knock heart, spray something viscous fall into the lens - a human shock, before which a grenade exploded. 20 minutes pure drive without having to analogs of military film. 20 minutes perfectly orchestrated Spielberg taken Janusz Kaminsky and then mounted Michael Kann and showing all genuine grandeur present Hollywood approach to shooting battle scenes. At this moment I want to put aside all doubts about the historical plausibility of what is happening on the screen. At these moments, the viewer awakes bashful, almost primitive admiration for ongoing orgy scope: on the one hand, on the screen people die, but on the other - with joy almost craw spiral breath. However, if we lived in a world of perfect and just world at the time of taking the allies of German pillboxes on the silver screen would have to freeze freeze-frame, then in front of stunned spectators left Spielberg himself, solemnly he shook each viewer's hand and thanked him for watching his new film . And yet - no wandering in the darkness of a platoon, no killer dialogues, no Ryan - but the viewer would run home happy with a mass of fresh impressions, not ispohablennyh completely doubtful for further action. Alas, our world is far from this perfection
One of the main problems of a Hollywood movie, preventing to take seriously their most pathetic and pretentious paintings -. Is the transfer of modern screenwriter and director, established the rules described on their historical period. No, I can not believe in the story of 8 people who are wise American command sent in search of the only survivor unhappy mother, as all his brothers were killed on the battlefield. But I believe only under several conditions: in the yard - our day outside - Iraq, Private Ryan refers to a group of people, which in the US is now the "holy cow" for political correctness (African American, Latino, at worst - a homosexual), and all America is once again ready for the presidential elections. But at the time described it looks like another American legend. On the front line there is complete collapse, scattered after landing from the sea and in the air part roam the Normandy in search of their own, the command is not yet clear which of these groups survived, and who - not quite, the only purpose of staff - to collect all the troops in one fist. And here - Ryan, thank you, that is not John Smith. And the total area for the search - all 62 American divisions. As in a fairy tale, "Go there, I do not know where, find the stack, and in it a needle." Americans want to believe that their own notion of civic duty and moral code of the builders of democracy remain unchanged even in the face of complete chaos. Let believe -. It is not the worst of American tales
The worst that from this moment begins Spielberg skillfully to destroy all the good impression so masterfully created the viewer his opening scene. At Omaha - bullets, explosions, invisible to the eye of the arrow, blood, death, dirt - Not Another Teen, cruel and terrible face of war. However, it is on the horizon loomed the order of salvation Ryan, the very nature of war, Spielberg is changing dramatically, it again turns into something a doll, cardboard, unnatural ... All subsequent films will be marked with the same jerky directorial Throwing from politically correct patent pictures - back to reality, then back again. In addition to the landing stage on the realistic display of events can claim only an episode with a German sniper but the final slaughter. Everything else - the purest American mifoistoriya. Lengthy and boring journey through the fields, forests and villages of the duty under the leitmotif: "Tell me you have not seen Ryan? - I'm sorry, "reminds anecdote
Characters get a flat, though recently slezshimi with military Agitplakat!.. Sitting by the fire, cardboard dolls begin to argue about which of them most do not want to die. Dialogues do without tears impossible to listen to. During all of these gatherings by the fire or talking, trying in vain to elicit sympathy for the characters, I would like to ask the director: "Steven, why is it all»
you yourself know the answer: the film, which is filled with only the realism of military carnage, as if he was not well removed, would not grab the "Oscar". Academics - naughty guys for 60 years, they have developed their stringent standards. Willy-nilly, but you have to insulate the director images of "cannon fodder" in order to cause a tear in the final spectator - in the end, Cameron worked and what have I done? All at once it falls into place: and excessive timing pattern (in the opinion of the Academy, a three-hour tape - this is the first sign of highly detailed and in-depth film), and these seemingly unnecessary melodramatic inserts (Academy loves when soldiers openly demonstrate the fear of war, she opinion, this is a deep anti-war message), questionable from a historical and military point of view, moral dilemmas in relation to the German prisoner ... it's too much excess. By and large, "Saving Private Ryan" - this is only a draft of genius in every sense of the film, which never see the light, because its creators worrying too much other more mercantile interests
Returning to the film, I want to note that. it is usually mistakenly attributed to the genre of "war drama". In fact, it is spectacular, impressive shot, but it's still a military thriller. Dramatic its component too willfully and filled literally pouring out of his ears emotion. As entertaining movie, it definitely deserves the highest ratings. But the dramatic potential of the picture is too small, so it can be seriously compared with the tragic war films of the Soviet years, "Ballad of a Soldier" Chuhraja, "They Fought for Their Motherland" Bondarchuk, "Chronicle of a dive bomber" ... Spielberg's film is only in Hollywood glistening varnished, magnificent and beautiful wrapping, inside of which becomes incredibly boring and there alone by the prevailing vacuum.

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