"Saving Private Ryan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Taken quite nice, hard, naturalistic. Military battles are really interesting, make hard to follow what is happening. The camera jerks, but in moderation, adding documentaries and creating a sense of presence. Specially reduced color film gives the film even more realism. Charismatic actors, good music and high-quality special effects complement the overall picture. In visual terms, "Ryan" can safely be considered the standard of modern war film. Particularly impressive is the amphibious assault and assault on the coastal fortifications.
But regarding the veracity of all shown in the film there are doubts ...
At the time, Spielberg was accused that he carefully planned his success with "Schindler's List." Took off exactly what had to be the audience, critics kinoakademikov. I do not think. "Schindler's List" is just an outstanding film, the undisputed masterpiece with a powerful message, competently and originally staged. It is quite another to "salvation." I have the impression that the director acted extra urgent US government order for the staging of the patriotic American film. Judging by the way he dealt with the problem, I'm on the spot zabugornogo president would give him a medal. But, apparently, Stephen chose another "Oscar" for Best Director. Yes, and what is expressed herein masterpiece, which I have heard? What is the message of the film? I see only one - to show how Americans heroically won the 2nd World War, visually confirm what they have written in every history textbook. Rewrite history ... Americans firmly believe in their great victory in World War II, I never doubted. More surprised that Spielberg believed stories and on the other side of the ocean. Although what is there to be surprised? Directed by famous fascinating fiction, and "Salvation" just belongs to this genre. More precisely, a fantasy, or in Russian, a fairy tale. So harsh, realistic tale with elements of tragicomedy
Once upon a time in an American family of four brothers Ryan, all called to war, three died, and the latter, James -. Any hearing, nor spirit, lost somewhere far away in Normandy. In order not to upset the old woman, the mother of four funerals, great military leaders decided to send a detachment of the last brother of eight heroes. The heroes themselves perished, but all Busurmanov won, and the last of the Ryans in his native village zhivohonkim returned ... It is alleged that the real story. Even if we assume that the story - though it's still pure window dressing. I will never believe that the American general has been the case to some soldier and his poor mother in the midst of war. And risk a whole department for the sake of one man - what's the point? This pathos. He and rushing here from every centimeter of film. And the Stars and Stripes at the top of the screen seems to have something quite commonplace on this background.
Spielberg film begins the famous scene of the Normandy landings. Fighters threw without support into the meat grinder. Some of the units 'laid down' in its entirety. Fritz "muffled" entered the pillboxes, pouring fire intruders. Bravo! Great scene! Only need to clarify what is really stubborn resistance to the Germans was provided only in one sector of Omaha in the whole of Normandy. And when the Americans deliberately sent its soldiers into the meat grinder? Their tactics are well known - first overwhelm the enemy with tons of shells, bombs and missiles, and only then send people. Just because of the fog on the beach of Omaha airplanes and ships missed by the bombardment, so the German coastal fortifications preserved intact ...
What is the real contribution of the Americans in the victory over the Nazis? A bit of history. Soviet times in 1942-43 called on Americans to open a 2nd front, but they always refused. Only in early 1944, when the Soviet army began a big offensive against the Germans on all fronts and the German defeat became inevitable, the brave Yankees fuss, wanting to participate in the "spoils." Only in June 1944, the Allies opened a Western Front. The fact that the Soviet Union would have won the war without their help, so the Americans soon the uninvited guests who have taken away someone else's fame.
On the other hand, the Germans guessing about the outcome of the war and the fear of revenge Russian for all the atrocities that they have committed We are not particularly resisted, preferring to be a prisoner of the allies. Taking Normandy and France was a matter of technique, because air superiority was 6: 1 in favor of the Allies, and this determined the outcome of the operation (see "Letters from Iwo Jima."). Besides, the Germans - not Japanese and fanatical die for Hitler did not intend to. Therefore, resistance to the Nazis in the film is clearly exaggerated.
Above I described the film as a tragicomedy. And that's why. If you compare the work of Spielberg with the best and truthful film about the war by writers who actually saw her, such as the American "Platoon" or our "purgatory" that catches the eye is not serious, "Salvation." The style of the film is closer to the master of "Inglourious Basterds", especially the original film in 1978. Here detachment Miller carefree walks in enemy territory, and its members have spoken loudly and joking. All that they care about - it's a funny bet on past commander. It does not seem that the Americans were in hell as intended to show Citizen Spielberg. But these clowns playing poker tokens fallen comrades. Okay?
Overpriced-caricature presented by the Germans. It symbolizes their nation in the movie Jerry, who was captured during the assault machine-gun point. Cowardly, miserable, despicable creature, ready for any meanness for life. Other Germans were "meat", not knowing how to fight, the target for American uber-fighters. For example, if a German sniper, then its an eye doctor, and if an American sniper, so once Tom Berenger. Especially grotesque final battle. It can not be that the Germans were so stupid that they entered the heavy tanks in the narrow streets of the town. Rather, the director did not know that the tanks are not designed for the fighting in the city. As he did not know that the tank is a minimum of 2 machine gun designed just against infantry. And the firing of the main 88-mm cannon on individual soldiers firing on the wheel looks. Most stupid looks scene where the Americans almost dances drive around the 'downed' Tiger shoot through bulletproof crew (!) Inspection of the tank unit, and German he opens the hatch in the heat of battle, to get all in your head, and after a couple of grenades. And that there is genuine surprise about the Yanks still firing tank after he killed only one caterpillar? Stupidity. Incidentally, I also sincerely surprised when I did not see in the US arsenal, shown before this fight, a couple of Tomahawk cruise missiles, for which only they were not there. Another stupidity - it's throwing hand minutes (which is not always explode on such use) in the presence of normal hand grenades hanging from his belt
Another handsome Hollywood blockbuster, well flavored American pathos.. And certainly not a "great movie about the Great War».

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