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Discuss about the Sales Management for Growing Businesses.



The appointment of page to head the European arm of Telcontar as its Managing Director has been done with an eye on sales from the look of things. Telcontar as an organization deals in products and services that may be deemed as being technical. It concentrates on software solutions leaning towards location-based applications. These include but are not limited to mobile applications, wired internet solutions, vehicle telematics and wireless internet applications. The nature of the business and its portfolio has led to the question as to whether Page is suited to this new role. This should be evaluated from the perspective that as the managing director, he will be concerned about more than just sales (Merson, 2004). As the managing director, all actions that concern the business such as research, marketing, logistics and human resource will be his headache. This begs the question, is he the right candidate?

I believe that Page is best suited to fulfill the responsibilities that come with the new role. My inclination is based on two main factors. To begin with, he has a background in similar organizations having worked in general top-level management at firms such as Sherpa Corporation and ASK Computer Systems. In his record, it is noted that he made the businesses successful and created the enabling structures. As the overall head, it is not compulsory that he should possess technical knowhow. This would be a necessity if he was to focus primarily on the research or production aspects of the organization. The advantage of being the MD is that he will be able to work with technical personnel under him who will be able to implement the strategy (Merson, 2004).

The sales team of an organization determine how far the product or service being produced is taken up by the target consumers. Marketing and having a superior product would not be enough to make the business successful without the input of the sales team (Noonan, 2010). Page has to go about the process of ensuring that Telcontar has a formidable sales team. There are many attributes that he should be on the lookout for as he sets about forming the team to implement the sales agenda. These include;

  • To begin with, any possible candidates must show the willingness and ability to assimilate into the culture of Telcontar as it is the organization that they need to associate and align to. They need to buy personally and individually into the Telcontar brand.
  • An ideal salesperson should be able to show empathy and by so doing, identify with the customers in terms of their needs, wants and perceptions. This will allow them get to know what to tap into when making the sale to the customer.
  • The ideal candidates should have a wide array of interpersonal skills that make them pre-disposed towards being easy to interact with and generally outgoing. They should possess such as being passionate, charismatic leaders, self-motivated, loyal and of utmost integrity. These set of interpersonal skills make a sales person better as a person in being able to handle the demands of being a sales person. Sales people have to interact a lot and cannot afford to have poor people skills as compared to other employees who are employed I technical capacities such as programming (Noonan, 2010).

Overall, the sales team should be vibrant at a glance and should be able to find inner motivation even when none exists from the business and should be the first to inculcate the organizational culture in others. I believe Page will be more than capable in leading the organizational to new heights and creating a formidable sales force.


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