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Discuss About The Ryerson Centre Immigration And Settlement?



Sydney Multicultural Community Services is a non-profit organization which provides services to the culturally and linguistically differentiated communities. Its services range from providing age related programs, settlement of those communities (amcservices.org.au, 2017). Its services are funded by the Australian government enterprises one of which is the Multicultural Homecare package. These kinds of community services make an important part of the society and open a new dimension for the government programs to do good for the people. Australia being a multicultural society from the beginning of its settlement has a huge population who are culturally distinguished. This makes the Australian community a complex one and it becomes difficult for the government to understand the needs and requirements of each and every unit of the community.SMCS supports community welfare and is quite vocal for foreign immigrants and refugees to come and settle in the country. This demeanor is an inspiring initiative in the context of community help and public welfare which needs to be discussed.

Community Mapping

Mapping a community actually means to realize the details, environment and surroundings in which the community is living (Campbell, Glover & Laryea, 2016). It is the means to induce confidence among the communities to make them self-sustainable and to make an identity for themselves. Sydney Multicultural Community Services conduct survey for themselves in the area which comes under their filed of work. This gives them the idea of the current status in which they are such as the numbers, the way of living, economic status, health of the people of community and employment etc. These data make them strong in front of the NGO’s and other government organizations to represent themselves and ask for recognition in the mainstream society. With the help of these mapping methods they can develop skills within themselves and can build capacity to mitigate their own problems and concerns without any outside help. Sydney MCS provides a program called Settlement Services Program (SSP) (Shields, Drolet & Valenzuela, 2016). This program contains execution of community enhancement features and options to link information into significant services for the community. Sydney Multicultural Community Services is mainly concerned for the establishment and development of individual migrants which start to live in a community and later on become a community in themselves. As surveyed by the Australian government Department of Social Services the migrants and immigrants who have settled in these types of communities recently are concentrated in local government areas such as Willoughby, South Sydney, Woollahra, Lane Cove, Randwick, Waverly, Mosman, North Sydney, City of Sydney, Marrickville, Botany Bay and Leichhardt (amcservices.org.au, 2017). With the help of some cultural services the proper community mapping of Sydney Multicultural Community Services can be done. These services are:

Complex Case Support: This service comprises of the information, recommendation and support on aspects such as housing, education, accommodation and employment (amcservices.org.au, 2017). It also assists people of different linguistic backgrounds in learning English language, provide them with financial support, organize health programmers for regular checkups, and create precautionary systems to avoid domestic violence, counselling for youth and make provisions for family support.

Community development: This particular service aims at empowering the community which is new and emerging (amcservices.org.au, 2017). In this module the create projects which is targeted to provide information sessions, workshops, community linkage programs, training to the people and skill development among youth.

Migration Assistance: This service is dedicated to provide free services of consultation if a person has any issue regarding his immigration (amcservices.org.au, 2017). There are help desks which work round the clock and free of cost to help the community members.

Community Goals

Sydney Multicultural Community Services is an organization with diverse interests in the field of community development. This community believes in social justice and social equality among all. There are a large number of people who migrate to Australia in search of job and a better place to live. These people belong to different countries with different ethnicity and race (amcservices.org.au, 2017). They are culturally and linguistically divided from the native Australians. For those migrated people Australia is a foreign country where they feel alone and underprivileged. Common psychology of people says that they want to live in a community where they are known and supported by their pals who belong to the same community. This gives them the sense of security and strength to develop further in the society. Sydney Multicultural Community Services have three basic community goals. These goals are:

Help our community: This goal includes the basic idea of creating policies and programs with structured guidelines which are feasible and prove to be effective for the community people in the long run. These guidelines should be prepared by full participation of the community members in a fair and transparent manner. The help programs and services initiated by Sydney Multicultural Community Services should be balanced in their processes so that no one is left behind in using that help. It should be implemented in proper time limit.

Support our community: Every community has some stakeholders who are benefited from the rise of the entire community. Those stakeholders may be few or many in number. Engagement of each and every stakeholder is necessary for getting support to the community (Howarth et al., 2014). It should be the duty of Sydney Multicultural Community Services to educate and inform stakeholders about the type of support they are getting and what must be done to enhance the intensity of support which may be required in the future.

Manage Process: In the process of community development and welfare, managing the entire process becomes the key factor. Sydney Multicultural Community Services organizes a number of programs for different aspects of the community. Each program is different from the other in terms of target citizens, age, gender, demography and nature of the services. Management of all these programs and services with efficiency is the main aim.

Needs Assessment

Sydney Multicultural Community Services is inclined towards helping people of different communities and ages. Old people of the community are vulnerable in many senses. They do not have money, they are disabled and have serious health issues (Fleming et al., 2017). The community service shows compassion to those and value the diversity which the communities possess. For aged people there are programs such as Multicultural Community Aged Care packages, CALD Dementia Aged Day Care. These programs cater to the needs of the old people to get proper care and treatment of their aliments without paying any money (amcservices.org.au, 2017). Sydney Multicultural Community Services is too much concerned about the welfare of the youth living in emerging communities for which they have started Settlement Grants Program, CALD Career Support Program and CALD Community visitor’s scheme. These services will support the linguistically diverse youth to learn and get education according to the culture and nature of work required in Australia so that they can get employed easily. Other people of the community also need to do work to earn money and support their family and themselves. For that purpose Sydney Multicultural Community Services has introduced Emergency Relief Program, Material Assistance Program and Group Work.

These programs help in the development of communities by educating people and developing in the skills required to do work. These skills become identity of the community on a whole and majority of people start to work and earn on the basis of the learned skills. New emerging communities require support and acceptance from the Australian Government. It is imperative for them to ask for help as they are in a foreign country with no idea about the culture and whereabouts of how things work in the country. Most problematic things which the migrated people face are the immigration issue. Some people are stuck with the issues and are not able to fully comply with the paraphernalia demanded by Australian immigration authorities. Other issues such as socio-economic status of the community members are not at par with the natives of Australia. This creates a cultural divide among people who live in the same city. There are cases of domestic violence which needs to be mitigated as soon as possible because it hits the harmony of the community very hard. Some other aspects which needs to be taken care of by Sydney Multicultural Community Services are homelessness, crime and safety of the community.


The above mentioned report is about community welfare and development which is a serious topic in the field of social welfare. Local communities of Australia are very particular in providing assistance and support to the emerging communities because they understand the need and value of assistance they are willing to give. The above report contains community mapping guidelines which is used to identify the strength and weaknesses of the community which helps it to rectify the loopholes and exploit its strengths to develop in the society. There are community goals which Sydney Multicultural Community Services have set for themselves to achieve in a period of time which has also been discussed in details. Finally the needs which the community services still feel so that they can holistically tackle the upcoming problems of the community is also discussed. Hence t can be concluded that, presence of such community services are imperative for any community to grow and prosper.


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