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Oh, how I'm disappointed
would seem a safe bet - my favorite topic in the supposedly "correct" interpretation. Ahn, no!
film was boring, lengthy and quite meaningless. Maybe he stood once on the background of the "Elusive Avengers" and so on, but only at the expense of attention to the fate of "counterrevolutionary elements", I suppose. Because more in this picture there is nothing.
Actor's work? But what in them is the use if no pity or compassion and do not feel close to the characters! Drunkard and a gambler general crazy commander of the front, commander completely untenable. This "White Guard" to save, of course, could not. And, as a consequence, is nothing but disgust, these dregs (according to other sources - cream) society I have no objections. Hell, and an elite Imperial army ?! It is ridiculous! Rather than die heroically defending their homeland from the dirty rabble, who seized power in the country, they chose a cowardly escape into exile, then to tune homesick. Their ladies ?! A little as they could, if the only way to earn money choosing the panel! ! It's disgusting, honestly
Six months ago, looked "Admiral" - a special delight not experienced, but ... there was at least everything is clear and obvious. The man fought for his convictions to the end. Perhaps the desire to stand under his banner and did not cause, but earned respect as a minimum. Here, I have not seen. Some cowardly shot himself in the temple, "noble" dismissing the home squad battle-worthy. Others are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.
And the hero Batalov altogether passes all bounds! Got into someone else's life, he decided to something that someone somebody something must heroically decided to contribute to this! For what reason ?! Very simple! Make money - too vulgar occupation for Honorable Mr. Much easier to pick them from the one who has them, allegedly, unfairly lot! So what is the difference of such a morality of the infamous "take away and divide" ?! I do not understand.
Sorry, I sincerely hoped to find another favorite movie, and got 3:00 irritation and boredom. It's a shame -. Not a word
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