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First of all, it should be noted that the film "Running" - a very well-designed project, based on a whole different inflorescence Ponte
first bluff -. Literary foundation. Bulgakov, whose unusual prose then finally came to the reader. The play "Flight" - elegant literary work, also until recently forbidden. It gives things more goodies
second bluff -. Solution. Again, the film was released recently S. Bondarchuk's "War and Peace". "Running" is put in the same large-scale epic vein (even the final frame by frame almost lapped with the Oscar-winning picture)
third bluff -. Bottomhole the cast and music composer Karetnikova (however, this bonus rather for Karetnikova lovers than for mere mortals). Also
vysheoboznachennyh Ponto, in the film anything. And the show-off, these do not always work.
1. On the basis of literary strongly worked. Striking mandatory for Soviet-era introduction of red. A little later, the same thing will happen when setting Basov "Days of Turbin." But there the necessary ideological phrases spoken behind the scenes and do not rush into the fabric of the work. Als and Naumov, believing themselves smarter Bulgakov (apparently on the principle that one head is good, two is better), ponadelali gag, and even brought in as a character Frunze! The act of talking about serious problems with taste received. The fact that all this - not hypocritical tricks of Soviet censorship, eloquent one more time. The fact that the "Running" is not drawn into two series. Therefore, the creators began to cram in a very finely conceived Bulgakov thing all that got their hands on. And his arm was the novel "The White Guard". There were transplanted scene to "Run" relationships do not have, but strongly inhibitory action. Well, it's als Naumov was just at hand.
2. "Running", like all things Bulgakov, the product chamber. Moreover, the author outlined the genre as "a play in seven dreams." Instead of all this splendor directorial tandem sculpt epic. Nothing good happens - massive brawl sluggish, battle scenes - too. Inexpressible thing spoils abundant secondary plans and the almost complete absence of large. And how much cheaper foppery dreams Khludov in static staging - beyond words
3.. Actors. What prompted the filmmakers to take on the role Golubkov completely featureless Alexei Batalov, in general, it is understandable. It was considered like an intellectual. To match its nondescript partner Seraphim (L. Saveliev). Dvorzhetsky as Khludov - no more than an interesting type. Play it Alov Naumov, apparently, is strictly forbidden. No facial expression, no plastic, so mutters the word through the lips. It is in those days it was fashionable reception.
But there are masterpieces. General Charnota (Mikhail Ulyanov) - it's just a holiday! KORZUKHIN by Yevstigneyeva - it's great to play the role. The scene of their meeting - it just shine, it's alive, it is effervescent! As always perfectly played his episode Vladimir Basov - here he Arturovich Arthur, King of the Cockroach. They were like playing. And play like. Because they are just good actors. Batalov with Savelevoj - performers unimportant. Here's how to open a casket.
Music Karetnikova ... Well, well into a deep sleep. Like the rest of the film, however. A literary basis avenges himself the most sophisticated way. Where everything goes more or less close to the text, it is a no-no and even peep through a glass darkly. And where there is beginning to be manufactured Alov Naumov - hide, and the film is banal fall asleep. To see your seven dreams, of course.

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