Running head: three traits and skills employers except from university graduates. Essay

Running head: Three traits and skills employers except from university graduates.

Three traits and skills employers except from university graduates.

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Ada Morales

Galen University

Application Essay

Jan 30, 2019


What are three skills and three character traits you think employers will except in university graduates in the next 5 years? Describe in detail the personal changes or actions you are willing to make while studying at Galen to develop these skills and traits.

Finding a job maybe complicated for some or not. An employer will except from university graduates are skills and traits that will help their company grow and accomplish their mission and vision statement. University graduates will have a different environment they have to get use to, it might be difficult for some. Skills that university graduates should have accrued while attending any university are critical thinking, oral and written communication and leadership skills. Traits that also university graduates need to demonstrate are self-awareness, readiness to accept responsibility and a professional image whenever applying for a job or even in an interview.

Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze information with an open mind and figure out a solution. This also involves the evaluation of sources such as facts, data, observable phenomenon and research findings. Good critical thinkers can distinguish from a pile of information between useful information and less useful details to solve a problems or make a decisions. Employers want potential employee who can evaluate a situation using logical thought and figure out the best solution for that particular problem. Someone who using this skill at full potential can be trusted to many any decisions on his or her own without any need of babysitting or look over. (Doyle, 2018) Having self-awareness is knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses it enables a person to step out of their comfort zone and get use to the unfamiliar environment.

Verbal and written communication skills are essential to understand information quickly and accurately. To communicated with your colleagues through written form or oral. Employer will look for a person who can represent them in or out of the organization. (Reddy, n. d.) In any institution, professors will test your teamwork and leaderships skills. If you are an effective leader and use your resources effectively you will have an excellent outcome. (brainbuxa",2016).An employer will also look for someone who is understanding and can work with different people mean all types of ethnicity, gender and cultures. Although, it might not be easy to have tolerance and keep a professional image. (Undercover Recruiter, 2019)

Mistakes happen in any organization we are all humans we are not perfect. Employers are looking for the kind of people who accept their mistakes but also learn how not make them frequently. Skills and character traits such as this are important in the work environment but they are not fully developed as you graduate.

If I get the opportunity to join Galen University, I know deep side that I need to make some huge changes. Firstly, Oral communication as almost everyone I get really nervous whenever I have a presentation. I am willing to make certain changes to help me grow as an individual and better myself. I have experience in the work field I know how to handle certain situations but I could use help in growing mentally and have more tolerance in working with colleagues. I know I am not the best in tolerating persons, who are not will to work as a team I personally prefer to ignore them and to continue with rest of the team. I am willing to be more open-minded and understand the other person’s point of view. I tend to have a professional image in or out of the organization. I am willing to change aspect which pull me back from becoming a much better person in society.


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