Running head: fetal alcohol spectrum disorders 1 Essay

Running Head: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders 1

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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March 29, 2019

Here I would like to discuss the detail of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) that’s a “group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy” (Centers of disease control and prevention).

Women who consume alcohol throughout their pregnancy put their child at a very higher risk of experiencing variety of physical and mental issues, known as FASD. With proper medications and counseling, FASD can be treated and monitored to help the child live up to their fullest potential, specially if symptoms are caught early in life.

I believe alcohol does not harm us too much, if we use alcohol in limit. Alcohol reduces our mental stress and to connect with friends. It is considered bad for a woman to drink alcohol in our Indian Society. This is probably the reason I don’t like alcohol. Therefore, we do not have any information as regards FASD. Alcohol use is dangerous to health but no one to implement it. Alcohol consumption affects not only pregnant women however also affects the common man. Drinking excessive alcohol is harming our whole body. Alcohol abuse in men is more than women. It is harmful for the kid to possess alcohol during physiological condition.

FASDs are caused when lady drinking alcohol throughout her physiological state. Mother's alcoholic drug goes to the infant through the umbilical cord. During pregnancy or when trying to be pregnant, it does not get much information about the safest amount of alcohol. There is not any secure time to drunk throughout maternity. So, wine or beer will cause issues for the growth of infant throughout pregnancy, as well as before a woman realizes that she’s pregnant. All kinds of alcohol are equally dangerous like beer and wine.

Here we have some effect of FASDs and its referring to the whole range of consequence that can arise to a person those mothers drunken liquor during pregnancy. The situations can affect each individual in different manner, and can vary from mild to severe.

A person with an FASD may need different condition are used to represent FASDs and it depend on the varieties of symptoms. The Little head size, Intellectual disability or low IQ, Poor learning capacity. Others may have complications with the kidney, heart, or bones or Person with FASDs might also have Poor balance, overactive behaviour.

Types of FASDs

Individual with alcohol-related issues could have intellectual disabilities, behaviour and difficulties in study. They cannot do good things at academy and it may have troubles with concentrate on scientific discipline memory and with poor future controlling.

Individual with an alcohol-related birth defect may have a problem with kidney, bones, heart, as well as hearing. They may have a combination of them.


A lady should not drunk alcohol when she is pregnant, or when she may get pregnant. This can be as result of a woman could get pregnant and she is not realizing for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

There is no lab test that can prove a child has FAS. Many of its symptoms can seem like ADHD. To diagnose FAS, specialists look for unusual facial features, smaller than average height and/or weight, small head size, poor coordination, troubles with attention and hyperactivness. There is not a simple blood test to diagnose FASD. It is one of those spectrum disorders where there is a broad range of the disorder. It is medically very challenging and it is co-morbid with other circumstances. An artificial intelligence tool that cab screen children for foetal alcohol spectrum disorders quickly and affordably, making it accessible to more infants in remote locations worldwide.

“It is estimated that in Canada, more than 3",000 babies a year are born with FASD, and about 300",000 people are currently living with it. Researchers suggest that the occurrence of FASD is necessarily greater in Aboriginal populations, and in rural, remote and northern communities. Intervention, identification and prevention efforts are key to improving this situation” (Government of canada).

In Nutshell, we are able to say that FASDs drawback happening when ladies consuming alcohol during their pregnancy. To prevent FASDs, ladies should not drunk alcohol when she is pregnant, or once she would possibly get pregnant. These circumstances can affect each person in different manner, and can vary from mild to severe. Additionally there is no lab test that may prove a child has FAS. With the elimination of drinking alcohol throughout maternity, FASD is a not totally preventable. They provides special remedy services to the youth. A guardian or caregiver understands the realities of their child's condition. Get some advice for medicines, new interventions to guide to communicate with social skills.

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