Rules In The Workplace At IRSC BAS Essay

In addition to our new dress code at IRSC BAS, there are other guidelines that we expect our employees to follow. Our goal is to maintain a safe and professional work environment. In order to achieve this, respect must be shown to every individual. We ask that employees be mindful with their personal conversation and choice of music during business hours, as certain language or styles of music could be offensive to others.

Gossiping, which is any informal discussion of a coworker’s personal and private affairs, will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. Gossiping negatively impacts effectiveness and morale, as it leads to strained work relationships and mistrust. Harassment of any kind will be met with immediate termination of the aggressor.

If an employee is personally feeling unsafe or suspects harassment going on, they are encouraged to notify a manager or member of HR immediately. Everything discussed will be confidential, at the request of the employee. Professionalism is another expectation of all employees of IRSC BAS. Being punctual and maintaining good attendance records help to maintain that degree of professionalism.

Employees are to adhere to their scheduled shifts, without being late, and to return from breaks and lunches in a timely manner. If an employee is running late, it is encouraged they call their direct supervisor to let them know. Vacation or other time off requests must be submitted at least three weeks before the anticipated time off, as this will give management time to prepare for the employee’s absence.

We do, however, understand that emergency situations do arise, and to accommodate we are going to allow 16 hours of unscheduled time off per quarter that an employee can take without being penalized. If more time is needed, the employee must communicate with their direct supervisor, and it will be at management’s discretion if disciplinary action is necessary. A major part of IRSC BAS is teamwork, and without every member of the team being present, we are at risk of effectiveness and efficiency falling.

Any IRSC BAS employee who is not following our etiquette guidelines will be met with disciplinary action. We are implementing a “three-strike” rule system. The first offense will result in a verbal warning. The second offense will result in a formal written warning. The third offense will result in additional disciplinary action up to and including termination, at the manager’s discretion. Again, a safe and professional work environment results in greater productivity. By following these etiquette guidelines, IRSC BAS will be able to achieve the type of working environment that we strive for.

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