Rrefugee Crisis Essay


Discuss at least two factors that have contributed to the current refugee crisis.
Describe what effects have occurred as a result either for the destination countries or for the lives of the refugees.



In the recent times, large numbers of people are forced to drive out from their house or flee because of the conflicts that occur within the inter-countries dispute. The disturbance caused by the natural calamities even force people from one country to re-habit in the other country. The displacement from the actual place to a new location makes them face a lot of problems since they do not have any protection against the international law.

The victims run from the place of habitat and lands up to some underdeveloped countries resulting no securities and protection for them. The situation becomes worst during the wartime, or when they arrive at a different place they fall prey to the scarcity of food, water, shelter and even medical care. When they leave their home, they leave behind the valuable as well as the and even don’t have the guarantee whether they will be able to get a new place or even if they get, whether they will be allowed or not.


The refugee crisis is not a very recent occurrence of the world. But, it is new to the Europe and Western countries.

The recent refugee crisis reasons have a huge contribution from the Syrian Civil War. The statistics compiled by the UN shows the huge number that has turned to the refugees. The refugee statuses of the people have made an effect on the education system of the children. The lack of the fund system has made the situation even worse for the people who stay in the refugee camp.

The second factor of the refugee crisis increased due to the lack of accommodation in the Middle East. Hence, now it is impossible for the Syrians to make a legal entry in such places. The majority do not have the legal permission to work resulting in the lack of assurance for their family and the continuation of the children's education.

In the view of (Mayer & Chuman, 2014), even the environment they live in is filled with some junkyard with the smell of the diesel and garbage. Even for such places, the owner charges a high rate, making them impossible to re-habit. By the international law with concern to the refugee and human rights law, the migrants deserve rights as well as opportunities with a hope of good futures. The people who migrants have the right to seek asylum from the host country. But lately, it is observed that the legislations and the applications bear a gap going adversely against the human rights law which is a positive law.

As stated by (Carlier, 2016), that the U.S. and the Canadian government responses to the Syrian refugees in a different manner. The Canadian while allowed 25,000 refugees to resettle; the U.S. put a ban in the plan of Obama for resettling 10,000 more refugees. It is believed that the presence or the absence of multi-cultural policies or the degrees of Islamophobia and the number of terrorist attacks might be the reason for such difference.

In the view of (Silverman & Nethery, 2015), nowadays, due to the increasing tensions in the countries especially a country like Syria, many countries have adopted the restriction policy of the re-habiting of the refugees. Upon such conditions, the detentions have increased at an alarming rate and the countries even approved the categorization while the detention is made. Usually, two types of people are detained, like, the person without any valid stay permit or the person whose stay permits has expired.

Now the question is if there is any emergency immigration of the refugee then from where they will get a valid permit. The Syrian case is a matter of importance since the rate of the refugee level is increasing at an alarming rate due to the civil war that started in 2014.

The detention is required for the administrative level purposes resulting for further examining of the visas, which takes a long time and increases the harassment of the immigrants due to the lack of protection.

(Kearns et al., 2016) explains that the increasing number of the refugees often results in the migration to the unhealthy places resulting in population explosion with increased level of the health deteriorates.


The discussion aims here to enhance the awareness of the condition that the refugees are facing with the deteriorating the health and lack of education to the children. If such conditions keep on rising due to some of the administrative declarations, then the place will fill up with the unhealthy environment and higher rate of crime activities.


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