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I tend to dream of everyone. Someone wants a car, an apartment, find love. And someone will radically change their lives and to find its meaning. But to realize their desire alone man can not - and so he came up with various fantasy creatures: fairies, genies, goldfish. Of course, to meet all of them in real life is impossible. But as you know, America - the land of opportunity. It is in US magician lives of flesh and blood, ready to fulfill your every desire. His name is O.Zh. Grant. This man loves to exercise people's dreams. He - the great connoisseur of the human soul, its internal aspirations. As a rule, they are all selfish and banal, and it's terrible not like modern Hottabych. Everyone who somehow want to improve their lives, not getting something that wanted: a loving couple who wished to get married and live happily ever after, was blown up in a car immediately after leaving the church; the guy who met Grant, wished that this meeting never happened and then died under the wheels of the truck. Wizard nowadays despise such people and just loves to laugh at their weaknesses and vices
But, the main character Neil Oliver is not the same -. He is desperately trying to find the meaning of your life, change it and find harmony with their inner world. Oliver lofty ideals and stands out among the personality of its gray surroundings. Neal wants to know the answers to the questions of his life, he is committed to the uniqueness of its existence. O.Zh. Grant, enthusiastic willing to help a guy find himself. Together they go on a fascinating journey through the "Highway 60" track, which is not on any road map of the United States
«Route 60» -. It is not just a piece of asphalt canvas. This is the boundary of life, which brought together all the vices of modern society:
1. The girl dreams of finding the perfect lover - the symbol of the sin of adultery, which affects America today
2.. A man "with a bottomless stomach» - the victim of gluttony and at the same time the victim O.Zh. Grant. His biggest passion - there are many - is no longer fun and excitement, and a burden for him
3.. «Euphoria» City affects both two problems. First people's desire for self-destruction. All the inhabitants of the "wonderful" town are constantly high on an incredibly addictive drug. They fled to the synthetic paradise, hoping to find freedom here. Especially to be happy and free doubly enjoyable. However, the intoxicating effect of "Euphoria" has brought them is not the key, and the chains themselves - now they are completely dependent on municipal authorities, giving them for humiliating work, treasured tube happiness. Here is a modern-day slavery. Secondly affected the eternal problem of the relationship between fathers and children. The woman, who came to this city in search of addicts missing son, refuses to recognize its social death. She is so fond of propane child, so do not respect themselves that voluntarily agree to go to a drug bondage only for rare bezemotsimonalnyh meetings.
4. Bob Cody . Until a few years ago, he manipulated the consciousness of the masses. It is not known how much he continued to revel in this power, if not a fatal coincidence. He - a symbol of lies. True, he deserves credit for the fact that he was able to give it up.
5. fakes Museum . We see only what we want to see. We want to see a copy - we will see the copy. No one would ever think to see the original in the fact that all the critics of the world recognize the parody of a painting
6. Marlowe -. City lawyers How can modern society values ​​its rights and obligations.. In this city, lawsuits flow like water, and the processes of justice comes to the absurd. The court, located in the building of the church clearly shows that the people lifted up their own laws over the laws of God. But roofing God can judge each of us.
The film clearly shows that the beauty of life in the spontaneity of what is happening to us. People do not need a magic ball, which would give all the answers. It is useless, if only because in our life everything is not so simple: there is not just black and white - there are gray, and their hybrid; between yes and no there is always a must, just like between tracks 74 and 65 have a track 60.Tolko roundabout way you can understand who you are and why you're here.
special charm of this film is the dialogues. They are so conceived and so philosophic, that they can be easily disassembled at the quotes and apply in everyday life
The "Interstate 60" There are no extra characters -. Each in its on-site, and each has a unique charisma. All heroes are remembered for a long time, the benefit embodied they were wonderful cast:. Gary Oldman, Christopher Lloyd, Chris Cooper, Michael J. Fox
However, there are obvious disadvantages: James Marsden played pretty well, but first it is not a game was a revelation and, secondly, its sweet looks and dazzling smile somehow not tally with the image of a young dreamy artist. With the image of a young male model - yes, but not exactly with the creative visionary. Finals too American and the whole morality of the film at a recent staff somewhere disappears. gender relations are played very trivial. Prelude to it looks good, but the culmination of banal
Overall, the picture is noteworthy:. Tale encapsulated in the image so popular road movie, an original story, colorful characters, full of meaning dialogues, several interesting findings of the story (billboards Woman ), a sense of humor director (Neil reads comic "X-Men" in the movie, played by Marsden), a fine cast (secondary characters). It looks very easy, and spent 112 minutes is not sorry.
7 of 10

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