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Thras film 60 has long been on my list of favorites. To understand it, I could not at once - only after 2-3 views, but these films, I especially appreciate. Movies with lots of meanings, themes, images, problems and the brightest galaxy of characters as the main and secondary. So, new in 2019 I begin with a discussion and reflection about the stories, fellow travelers, travelers and the most unusual way of America -! Interstate 60
The desire to have to speak out loud - it's kind of karma, to express it and it may come true
In the center of the plot -. Neil Oliver young student who dreams of becoming an artist. However, he does not find any support from his father, who insists on entering his son in law school, nor the bride who likes his parents more than to the Nile. In celebration of his birthday, Neil thinks of unusual desire and then getting hit a bucket on his head, is in the hospital. After that, the Nile begin to happen strange events that lead him to conclude a contract for the delivery of parcels in a nonexistent town, which can be reached by a non-existent route 60. On this route, Neal experiences a lot of interesting personalities, including certain O. J. Grant, or gin, or a leprechaun, which grants wishes, Lynn girl whom Neil had seen in a dream, and the main thing - to find what he wants to know: the answer to life
I'm ready to fool anyone, it is. my job. By the way, I recommend. . Bottomless source of fun
One Trails genres define the parable - short instructive story that contains a moral lesson. What is true is true - the trail can be seen as a collection of such stories. And moreover, when I watched it the first time, these episodes seem to me very strange, sometimes bizarre, sometimes - alarming ... And in these road stories fiction borders on the real life, and even so organic, that does not even arise questions about the plausibility: if you feel Interstate 60 that really exists somewhere out there and get it, not everyone can. Screenwriter and director of the film Bob Gale (which at one time had a hand in the creation of a trilogy Back to the Future ) for some two o'clock tells us a lot of stories, and each of them has philosophical sense. And watch it all - just an incredibly interesting
-! I wanted to answer
-. Answer ... What
-? In my life

Yet one of the main. genre of the film is a comedy. And humor is a very specific, sometimes absurd, sometimes with elements of fantasy, and sometimes, very realistic. So sometimes occur naturally all these incredible situations, such as edible bet priceless museum of fake art, turned into a cheap consumer attraction, the city attorney, where all sue each other. By improbability of what is happening sometimes you just shake your head, trying to understand what is happening, but greater extent - you can not help but laugh and watching the theater of the absurd
And I did ?! Like any hopeless romantic:. Find an excuse
Speaking of the cast, I want to note that each character, in spite of the screen time, left the brightest impressions. One can not but praise the excellent work of the actors! The main character played by a young, but very talented actor James Marsden, which I already knew thanks to a superhero franchise (by the way, there are references in the film). Here he plays a romantic artist Neil Oliver, who wants to follow their dreams and not go down the road of life, which he actively paving father. The central plot of the hero, Neil travels to unknown track 60, which is the most important decision in his life. He greets strangers with unusual lifestyle, tragic past, talking with them on a variety of vital topics. Neal has an instant to his audience - he is open, laid-back, an outstanding, but where you can see any person who is in such a bizarre situation, but Neil passes all the tests with dignity slopes 60, thoughtfully and with a good sense of humor
I - the joker in the pack life
Next hero - despite the rather short appearance - it seems to be present in every scene of the film. This O. J. Grant, which can be identified by the bright red hair, bow tie and a tube in the shape of a monkey. We did not understand who he is - a genie, leprechaun, Irish, eccentric, but one thing we can say for sure. This character-trickster. O. J. Grant translated as 'One desire is guaranteed', but Grant could interpret in their own way wish fulfillment - for example, the desire does not bring joy to think, or a person to go through a lot of tests. Moreover, Grant makes us only positive emotions. It seems that it was after I made Trails Gary Oldman in the list of my favorite actors - this is a truly brilliant work, play such a difficult character, and even so, we were crazy about him
On the Way! (before and after) on a line 60, we found a whole galaxy of very charismatic personalities: the mysterious Ray ( Christopher Lloyd ), which forces us to take a closer look at the card suits; phlegmatic Captain Ives ( Kurt Russell ) from the city with legal drugs; Bob Cody ( Chris Cooper ) - one of the most memorable characters - a serious, respectable businessman who has his way of truth and a radical solution for all the liars of the world; Beauty Lynn Linden ( Amy Smart ), a girl dreams of the Nile, for which he is willing to risk everything; as well as a small but sparkling appearance Michael J. Fox !
What's the difference that in the box. Stories that she has acquired, is now much more important
Interstate 60 -. It is not just a movie, and the spectacle of an incredibly exciting, dramatic-comedy, never ceases to delight and inspire, and enticing every time even accidentally come across it on TV. Every time reviewing pleased
10 of 10
-! By the way, because you have a birthday coming up
-? How do you know
-? Do not forget to make a wish ...

Happy viewing!

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