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The desire to do a thing very dangerous and unpredictable, and sometimes people just do not know what they want, and can and do, but can not do it. Of course dream theme, different desires and illusions in the film has touched an incredible amount of time, but somehow from the rest "Interstate 60" stands out the most. The first time a long time ago was going to see this magnificent in all aspects of the picture, I thought that I would see the usual fairy-tale with comic inserts, but in the end it turned out nothing but a great movie, with the philosophical ideas of the storyline, smart actors about which will be discussed a little later, and of course with an unforgettable sense of humor, which, though a little black, but he is smart.
I film very, very much, but what can I say, "Route 60" is in my personal top, where his place unwaveringly. Nice to see that in the top 250 kinopoisk this elegant ribbon also been found, because this movie definitely deserves. I've seen it so many times, but each time I discover something new, because the film has turned out very versatile and multi-faceted, and everyone will find in it something of their own and make certain conclusions, such as whether or not to still believe to the end in his dream and find your true love, or whether to rely in making its decision on someone otherworldly opinion, which may be erroneous, or simply casually said. In general, to think there is where it is undoubtedly one of the main advantages, because "smart" films is actually not so much. And now a little about the storyline, which is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
The plot tells the story of a Neil Oliver, ordinary American boy who has the talent of the artist, but his father, who incidentally is a lawyer and a very successful wants to son followed in his footsteps, because it will be easier for him and the like as well as to the Nile, except that he Neil really wants to become a famous artist, also odnoyiz his main dream is to find its second half, which he constantly dreams. Neal course there is a girl, except that she did not like it, but from her delighted parents, which is known in this business is very hard to please. Soon the guy's birthday, on which it wished to obtain answers to eternal questions. This is the desire to hear a O. J. Grant, who is the son of a leprechaun and which can fulfill only one wish, except that sometimes people do not know what they want to know exactly, but it may not be the same desire to formulate correctly.
Mr. Grant is very interested in such an extraordinary desire Man, because until then he was asked mainly on the performance of everyday desires, such as quenching of erotic fantasies, or a long and happy life. Soon Neil drops the bucket and only woke birthday in the hospital, where he went to a strange place, where he was very suspicious man offers to work courier, namely to deliver a parcel, Neal really should not it under any circumstances, not print. Now the hero goes on an exciting journey through the nonexistent highway 60, but what company he was himself O. J. Grant himself ...
magnificent scenario, it is not only very intelligent, but also very exciting, fun and interesting short . Look at is just a pleasure, so that in the scenic component safely put the top five, and I express my personal gratitude to the writers, for their excellent work. And now tell a little about the actors who have played at the highest level.
«You've just fucked, and mentally and it was awful!»
«Hmm, but I liked it!»
Simply brilliant
played a brilliant actor Gary Oldman, which is able to fully immerse in a particular way, and with the role of O. J. Grant was all just so, because the game Gary deserves only the highest scores and positive reviews. Game Oldman personally struck me so, that to a certain time, I really thought that he was a wizard and is able to fulfill human desires, slightly redefining the their own way. The general assessment of his five points and it is not even discussed, a great actor and a smart role. I liked and James Marsden, even though his character to me as it is not particularly memorable, and against the background of excess charismatic character Oldman, Marsden's character a little lost, but in general, played James in the level, and at a very decent level, so it is perhaps I also put five points. Impressed by the Amy Smart, which although it was given not so much screen time, still played well and managed to be remembered nothing less than let's say the same Marsden, around which the entire film was based, well over I put the game Amy's only five, she deserved it.
from the rest of the cast certainly should mention a couple of very famous personalities, such as the inimitable Christopher Lloyd, whose focus with red peaks and black worms liked and that important to remember, as well, and the game veteran kin ematografa. Also, do not forget to mention the small role of Kurt Russell, Michael J. Fox and Chris Cooper, which will be remembered from this company the most, because his patient advocate cancer which carries a belt of dynamite and threatened to blow up if he sees at least one liar beside him. In general, all the actors involved in the film, played very well and overall assessment of them is five points. Well and certainly can not forget about the competent director Bob Gale's, which took a very ambiguous, but at the same time a good quality film, which is just a pleasure to watch, well, for the formulation safely put the top five and start to fail eventually .
«? How to start a conversation with the girl of his dreams and does not look like a complete idiot»
«Nothing you should not say, let it begin!»

total: elegant patterns, which boasts classy script, great actors and competent directing. For me, "Route 60" is a masterpiece of cinema, so my assessment follows of itself, but what she is, namely:
10 of 10
«fool people for a ride fun, I advise you to try! »

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