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About disharmony:
Sadness covers when great ideas and interesting ideas become slaves to the near and reckless culture carrying in his suitcase hidden cretinism. Even a drop of life-giving balm, unfortunately, are dissolved in the incompetent performance.
Why do we give one metaphor decoding and magnify their importance, but on the other gate their «esthetic» noses? Who turned off the main receiving antenna others metaphors? Rey says «We see what we expect to see, and not necessarily the truth .. they [the road] there, but people just pass by» . Why do we fly past the obvious things? And, perhaps, this movie has been done already discounted lowbrow our minds? Maybe it was already enchanted by our value system? Therefore, it goes so smoothly ... oil layer by layer ... because everyone will understand only what will be able to understand. And, apparently, capacity at the end ... (sat battery?)
Information processing in a long test path suddenly ends with flatulence in the intestines of the main character, followed flatulentsiey, so to speak, to the masses "admired and glorifying» (subtext?) . Wow! Pathetic ... Really? We all are not perfect (. Well, of course, despite what measure ideality Let's - in bunches bunch of May 1 - 1024 KiloPuka 1 MegaPuk all chiki-bunches ... And in how smoothly?!?)
idea the imaginary route - a great idea! But stop and ask ourselves: What is the protagonist of an important path of his life to education and obtaining a response? Advertisement! It rodimaya help you make the right choice in this hard life! And how is woven into this picture the phrase «I started to trust billboards» . Harmony broken only by Mr. Cody, irate sell media. Compare these two synchronous process and get the ... LOGIC FAIL !!! Why is almost every sensible thought arises its inversion? The huge canvas, embroidered with hidden meanings, like beads. Only a man who is one foot in the grave (in this case lung cancer), can withstand public lies. Or just a man teetering on the brink with dynamite strapped to the body, it may still prove truths. Only one who has nothing to lose. But we still have something to lose (right?), So do not act like a potential dead (prevention?) .
now on the "road" girl with an exaggerated libido . Crudely Beat scene. Even the most banal «Mademoiselle» not uzreet yourself in this inadequate personage (and add, they say, "but I'm still hoo!») . From this not shied only sick people, so that we should not give our fellow Neil orthodox quality (by the way, as is the case with euphoria, where the emphasis was not on his loved one), it is very He sprinkled with hormones, and was exuding charm of hormones (... and photoshop ...) photo. But the absence of a penis in O. J. Grant ... Why would such a device? Or is it a hint of something that does not integrate into our time of sexual entertainment can only be a eunuch?
Protagonist. Good guy, Neil. This pretty, luscious, strutting boy just came down to us with any infomercial. As if he stopped now for a moment in the frame and recites the slogan. Oh, no, Neil, thank you, we do not want to purchase your products. Something other than a snot (?!) Feather in the situation with her father. Of course, I understand that it was necessary to show them the gap in views, but dammit !!! car color?! It's some ugly example in this case. Resistance on the part of the father was rather small and, moreover, justified by its parent care for the lives of the boys and doubts Chad, unable to make decisions, that his father and tried to make up for his intervention, guided by good intentions again. father Policy - an echo of the behavior of his son. But in the end it still left full and chode with his gift, because he miscalculated with color ... and a picture of him upside down ... and lifted up on him with a devilish mockery of triumph on his face selfish son ... and he even apologized ! Unhappy Dad ... Creve obliquely filed philosophy. I think equating gifts such as "easel with brushes" and "car" is not successful. The former is a hobby, and the second is a means of transportation for people of all interests.
criteria, which he and his beloved determine the ideal combination of their personalities, merging in unison to the accompaniment ... (then read above), and have found a bouquet of miraculous answers boil down to a list of simple-minded idiocy:
1. How to clean a grapefruit; 2. What should be the crust from the pizza; 3. Favorite superhero .
undoubtedly important discoveries, conducting educational work amazing. Here it is, the reduction of the spiritual world to the material world in a simple and understandable for the consumer unpretentious format. If banter! Yes, but why jiving on the main characters, which are (on the contrary!) are opposed to manifestations of human myopia ?! Neither would it be so bad if it was not so serious!
Where retreated associative imagery? Ray - the embodiment of the devil's nature, O. J. Grant - hell fulfilling desires and punish them also. The track is full of temptations, where people have succumbed to them remain. Is not it hell? And how easy it was to persuade the young man to a suspicious contract and the sprinkling of his blood, and then rush to take him the killer?! (m ... yes, a lawyer from him lousy) . And, by the way, turns out to empiric knowledge of «black and red peak Chirwa» have to ride on the infernal road, signing a contract creepy? Golly ..
about favorable:
It is like the story of the "museum of fake art." Where eloquent delights in trying to determine the quality of the object are reduced to the notorious beautiful / easy positioning "for" or "against" the crowd, and in no way connected with the very object of the analysis. When the line between its real value and use as an attribute of luxury, between the actual self-expression and pretentious oratorstvovaniem.
City with lawyers about the cyclic alternation of roles of artist and sentenced ... ( «plant potatoes to be opportunity to eat potatoes, to again be able to plant potatoes, etc. » © René Daumal)
story about glutton laudable
If this film is given us for edification, but do we know what kind of image engraved last? The roads leading to the advertisements in the future or to Mr. Cody (with a virtual noose around his neck) ? That will be cultivated? Independence and decisiveness or tactless and disrespectful towards their parents?
cold ... very cold ... as well as from real life ... and from a true masterpiece.

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