Rosary Students Selected in Knights of Columbus Essay Competition

Essays published by Rosary senior school freshmen Erin Hawkins (right) and Anna Stephens (left) were chosen in an essay competition on “The Importance of Religious Freedom” sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
Rosary students participated in the competition through Knights Council #4849 at Holy Angels Church in Aurora. The winning essays proceed to the next degree of competition in the fundamentally international contest. State champions is announced in Spring and worldwide champions in June.

“This essay competition is certainly one solution to get young people associated with the proceedings in culture,” said Norb Rozanski of Knights Council #4849 at Holy Angels. “Erin and Anna received a certificate, a $25 most readily useful Buy gift card, and a $25 check thanks to our ample donors.”

“The contest is a creative way to encourage teenagers to become residents that are firmly grounded into the Faith,” according to the Knights company. “It opens the doors of young minds, enabling the entrants become innovative, thoughtful and introspective within their work.“

The main topics Religious Freedom ended up being opted for by the Knights because, “As Catholics, we are called to participate in the political life of our country. This is difficult occasionally because our values in many cases are misinterpreted and unpopular. Additionally, legal guidelines from our governments can be unlike our beliefs and threaten to force united states to violate our conscience,” based on the group’s web site.

“We had many good submissions, and I’m extremely happy with Anna and Erin,” claims freshman English teacher Laura Ruddy. “Each has an exemplary writing design and pays attention to detail. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what more they are going to accomplish in the future.”

Erin Hawkins is from DeKalb and Anna Stephens is from Bartlett. Also commended by the judges had been essays published by Rosary pupils Piper Winkler (Geneva), Sarah McCarthy (Southern Elgin), and Julia Isaacs (Aurora).

The essays are posted below:

Religious Freedom: Our Greatest Treasure
by Anna Stevens

Imagine a world in chaos; broken, wandering, struggling. Imagine a people, clueless and without morals to steer them. Imagine a community, lacking love, empty and without purpose. Here is the picture of a global with no present of faith. In our country, the importance of religion plus the freedom to apply it's been cast by the wayside as trivial and insignificant. Spiritual freedom affects many facets of lifestyle, especially healthcare, training, as well as the ability to live away our thinking. If no body stacks up with this fundamental right, it's going to truly be lost.

Healthcare and medical research, two big industries within our country today, are greatly afflicted with spiritual freedom. The moral teaching associated with the Catholic faith guides medical practioners and nurses through the entire country because they work to raised the life of these patients. They acknowledge unethical research and medical techniques, such as abortion and euthanasia, as wrong and look for alternate ways to assist their patients. Without freedom to work out the Catholic faith inside their profession, these physicians and nurses will be up against a life changing decision. To adhere to government policies would contradict their moral foundations, but to resist would price them their livelihood. Without religious freedom, the lives of several doctors is radically various.

Freedom of religion is certainly much an essential element of training in our nation. For years and years, Catholics established schools to coach kids, relating almost all their studies back into God. Nevertheless today in Catholic schools through the entire country, students take classes in theology and figure out how to integrate faith into their life. This is certainly made possible through spiritual freedom. If the federal government instituted a national religion in the usa, Catholic schools will be forced to shut and children could no further receive their academic formation in a Catholic environment. Without the strong foundation of an education centered around faith, many kids would start to acknowledge faith and studies separately. The system they were supposed to be, skillfully woven together by Jesus, would be lost. This could indeed prove harmful to US culture.

Spiritual freedom also greatly affects the daily everyday lives of the who practice the faith. As Catholics, we have been called to live away our philosophy and bring others to Christ. The faith forms the everyday lives of Catholics through the entire nation within their words, actions, together with activities by which they partake. Without this freedom, the lives of faithful Catholics could be negatively impacted. No longer would the faith be addressed since the center of life, but as one thing irrelevant, become hidden and stifled. With no moral direction associated with the faith, numerous Catholics could be lead astray in their daily life. Certainly this freedom plays a vastly significant part in the each and every day life of people throughout the nation.

Healthcare, training and also the each and every day life of these focused on the faith are typical significantly influenced by spiritual freedom. Without this fundamental right, Catholic nurses and medical practioners would no longer have the ability to implement their faith into their work. Instructors is forced to get rid of God and His policy for humanity from their lesson plans. Ordinary citizens could be avoided from after their ethical inclinations inside their day-to-day everyday lives, all due to too little spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is indeed necessary for the prosperity and well being of our nation. Assaults to this crucial right are made, the time for us to step up and fight because of it is upon united states.

Spiritual Freedom
by Erin Hawkins

Religious freedom is not important today. It does not matter at all. This really is just the opposite. Sometimes people do get swept up in every thing around them, and forget exactly how fortunate they really are. In today’s world, spiritual freedom changes every person’s life since it enables every person in the world to believe freely with little persecution, worship publicly, and possess their values. Just how one is addressed with regards to their opinions changed greatly in the long run.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims many of these folks are area of the biggest religions in the world, but exactly what do all of them have in common, besides being a faith? At one point or any other, their everyone was persecuted. Christians had been persecuted by the Romans. Jews were oppressed by the Germans. Muslims were discriminated against after Nine Eleven. Things have gotten much better since then, in some ways persecution remains to be. A good example is sometimes whenever people go directly to the airport as well as look Middle Eastern; those people might be the subject of more safety and viewed very carefully. Persecution may not be totally gone, however it can be lessened increasingly more until it's no more. When persecution is stopped, spiritual freedom will run free, and perhaps most of the religions can coexist cheerfully.

Freely worshiping appears like a simple thing to do, it is it certainly? Many people are frightened simply because they may get made fun of, stared at, or addressed in a different way. When actually, this isn't a large issue, because everyone has their specific opinions and would like to show the world. Including, a top school pupil just made a perfect score due to their ACT exam, nevertheless they don’t want to show it to any university at all since they don’t wish to be called smart. Does this make sense? No, it generally does not. This is the way faith is. When someone has these strong beliefs and really loves their faith, whenever they need certainly to conceal it? No, due to the fact in the same way the senior high school pupil really should not be afraid to show their smarts, each religious believer really should not be afraid to proclaim their faith. Each individual’s faith is a gift. Why waste it?

Today, there are a number of religions, each is different in many ways. Why is each special? Every religion’s beliefs ensure it is distinctive from the rest. As an example, Hinduism believes in several gods. Catholicism thinks in a single Jesus. Judaism thinks in the coming of prophets. Most of these various thinking are okay to occur, since there is religious freedom. The importance of this really is immense. The world without religious freedom will be like footwear without laces. Every time someone would make an effort to walk they might not be able to because their shoes would keep falling off their feet. Each individual cannot proceed without it.

Spiritual freedom occurs daily whether it's known or otherwise not. It is the present that's always there. Sometimes it is over looked how important its. It empowers every person become pleased with their religion and never forget showing their faith. Spiritual freedom will forever be important towards the world.

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