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‘Shakespeare intends the viewers to note that the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was destined to happen’within the play, Romeo and Juliet compiled by William Shakespeare, is all about two “star crossed” fans who're destined to get rid of in a tragic accident. Fate could be the course leading toward future and can not be altered no matter the results. Set in Shakespearean time, fate ended up being considered to be in control of people’s life. The fact that Romeo and Juliet could not live a peaceful life, none regarding the tragedies would have maybe not occurred if they hadn't met. In prologue for the play, Shakespeare describes that “two star’d crossed fans just take their life”. This foreshadowing creates the sense that fate shall claim superiority. The effective nature of Romeo…show more content…

This foreshadowing becomes true when Juliet kills herself. Shakespeare meant your reader to believe that fate was in demand as he mentions the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.Romeo and Juliet who were “star cross’d lovers “, and thus the two had been plumped for by fate to be together. Even though these people were selected by the stars, Shakespeare says which they had been “death mark’d”, implying your only option to preserve their love was at the afterlife. Many tragedies that occurred were designed to take place, for instance, whenever Tybalt was killed by Romeo. Shakespeare produces the character Tybalt to reference him as “Fortunes fool”, therefore meaning he's merely just a puppet being toyed by fate. But before anyone had been massacred, fate already had arranged Romeo and Juliet’s marriage to go downhill when Lord Capulet decided for Juliet to marry Paris.Romeo and Juliet’s love had been a powerful nature that may simply be accepted after death. Whenever two strangers decided to get hitched, Friar Lawrence who had been to wed them sensed that Romeo and Juliet had been “Wisely and slow they stumble that run fast”. Friar Lawrence stated this because he believed so it would bring comfort upon the families if Romeo and Juliet had been to marry. Even though the odds of the two fans being accepted from feuding families were extremely slim, it was fate that brought them together. Lord Capulet who does never ever enable Romeo and Juliet become hitched provided Paris his daughter’s turn in marriage. Upset about being in an extra

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