"Romeo and Juliet (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Romantic tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" - one of the most frequently ekraniziruemyh Shakespeare's plays, and movies put on it include both classic and upgraded versions. The former refers radiating star shine film 'Romeo and Juliet' filmed in Hollywood in 1936. His problem, however, is that the age of Methuselah of stars does not allow to fully feel the love story of two teenagers. Of the latter, worthy of mention bold and magnificent musical 'West Side Story' (1961), in which the action moved to Manhattan, and "Romeo + Juliet" (1996), Where Mafia families the Montagues and the Capulets shoot each other in Verona Beach, California, in the pulsating rhythm of MTV clips, so characteristic of the style Baz Luhrmann. Each of these pictures is good and interesting in its own way, but the most lively and passionate adaptation of the play, to bring Shakespeare to the present, received the audience of different generations, especially the youth, for which, by his own admission, he did the film, became film version Italian director Franco Zeffirelli.
'Romeo and Juliet' (1968) is different from most adaptations are not only the proximity to the text of the play early Bard, but its spirit and loyalty. Not trying to improve, modernize or deepen Shakespeare Zeffirelli brings to life the era of Quattrocento, and on its background carefully recreates on screen the most famous and sad love story. Verona 15th century, with its dusty streets and dewy night, far from the glitter glossy postcards. Sensual and courteous, the sublime and the earthly, passionate and frantic medieval town drunk sharp and exhilarating fragrance of flowers and herbs from the monastery fence. It sounds deep cello note in the buzz of bumblebees intoxicating night in the garden under the balcony of Juliet. He catches the eye bright and graceful harmony of colors in the robes of supporters of warring families: defiance, orange-red and brown colors and the proud Capulet, by contrast, with fine purple cornflower-blue clothes on the sharp tongue of the young men of Clan Montague. It penetrates the heart mellifluous melodies, overheard by Nino Rota in the distant past, and injections hurt insidious deadly blades. Moved on the screen in real detail, long gone Verona as a precious frame, frames unspeakably touching story of Romeo and Juliet.
Much has been said about what Zeffirelli risked inviting the main roles have no experience in film actors adolescent 16 year-old Olivia Hussey and 17-lenego Leonard Whiting, but this decision was the key to the success of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the time of the screens and the everlasting love of all new generations of viewers, now the children and even grandchildren of those teenagers who are sitting in the cinema to see in the end In 1960 a young couple on the screen not only the characters of the ancient play, but also themselves. The dark-haired girl with the face of Raphael's Madonna and thoughtful boy with a gentle smile does not recite Shakespeare's lines. They, these familiar lines, literally born from the audience on the eyes and sounded like the very first time. Olivia and Leonard did not play the first one, which became fatal love. They lived her, loved, suffered from the inability to declare his love around the world and left it together, never to leave. If Zeffirelli chose on the role of the more experienced actors to persons familiar moviegoers, the film would have been different -. Without this amazing sincerity and authenticity of feelings that can be played only once, but in his youth
before it will appear on the screen first time, laughter Juliet thousand crystal bells will ring somewhere in the depths of a large house of her parents. It is the laughter of happy carefree child, a girl who will always remain a thirteen. Respectful and obedient daughter, effortlessly following the etiquette of his time and just beginning to feel a vague unconscious anxiety of the future growing, Rostral cries and laughs like a little child. But she, the girl with the flowing stream of black hair, braided in a heavy braid perevituyuuyu golden threads in red and gold, lush velvet dress, set off the delicate blush of her swarthy face, and later learns and generously return the frenzied strength of the senses, incredible traction, divided so the only one who knew unerringly eyes and hands before kissing her lips sealed silent confession: 'He is.' 'She.' And with an incoming instant growing up, this cute Laughs was given to see the light the simple truth is that words do not reveal the essence of things and that vows mean nothing.
Juliet -13. Her Romeo slightly older. Only that he was burning with the flame of love for Rosaline invisible, but the ball sluchivsheesya ordinary miracle, delight and magic meeting with Juliet dare recent fever, like a hurricane. So much intertwined in their love. The sublime and delicate sense of confusion inexperienced souls, touching awkwardness, the heat from the longing of young bodies and inability to break away from each other. Their love - rebellion against the absurd, absurd barriers postavlennyx older, intoxicated by many years of bloody mezhdusobitsey, the reasons for which they do not remember, but which gave rise to hatred, devouring their children, like the mythical voracious Saturn and tpebuet in unquenchable blood thirst more and new victims ...
and therefore go on Verona sultry, summer, love and death side by side, two sestry, two close friends, wearing the same dress. That's why one tune, but at different odds, and sounds in the scene on the balcony Song of Triumphant Love and Hope, overflowing hearts of the young lovers, and mourns them gently, sadly at the scene of the joint care of the life in the tomb of the Capulets. It will sound for a long time after the fall silent speech, full of anger, grief, sorrow, belated remorse and the long-awaited reconciliation, and the darkness of the screen and absorb the living and the dead, to remain forever young.

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