"Romeo and Juliet (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

How many years have passed since the creation of the film, and it will be, but my firm belief that this picture (this picture - a work of genuine art) will never become obsolete, and does not lose its brilliance - author, director, actor. And no matter how it was before and after the 1968 adaptations - it's just pathetic attempts, and even cartoons and close not stand next to the movie Zeffirelli
At that time watching it, and once again takes me to the 'time machine'. in a very, very long century, when and by blood feuds, rudeness, cruelty shone very brightly honor, dignity, conscience, and ... some purity and authenticity that if passion .
Usually the film - the result of many components: not only the script and the acting (is - as the 'tip' of the film), but not less than 80%, - the work of the director, and also: the operator, composer, editor, lighting, dresser ... ets, etc. The list is long. And a film in which all the components brought to the highest level - only such a film becomes a masterpiece. They are very few. So one of them -. 'Romeo and Juliet' Zeffirelli
About the work itself at the heart of the film and its author - silly writing about it does not know except that baby. And the plot at first glance - simple. But this film helps reveal the real depth and give a very special sound 'prostetski' (on someone's opinion) passion 'teenagers'
When I saw the film for the first time -. Accidentally turned on the television and not even going to look at, but there was, and I stood there, barely breathing, because I generally forgot myself and fully and completely was seized by what he saw. Per-view - very clear feeling that I secretly transpired mysteriously in 11.13 or 16th century (say, Romeo and Juliet has been a lot of stories across Europe in different centuries) and look at absolutely real events through the open window to me ...
First of all, then - as can be seen in all: acting. This is something amazing. There simply are no words for speaking some words to that effect - it will be too cliché and went ... too trite to describe the life you live wonderful children, growing up in fact a few days of his passion, bringing only pain and sorrow. What this fellow Zeffirelli, that he decided to take on such iconic roles are not venerable Hollywood and glamorous, and the unknown, but amazingly alive and present. And a million times more beautiful. I was particularly shocked for some reason the game Olivia: 100% sure - Juliet was just that - pure, passionate, extremely mobile, with more childish voice breaking (watching the film without sinhroperevoda, was the voice of the most actresses). And Romeo - such: Italian medieval aristocrat, with a slight arrogance, but it is still not nearly visible through his youthful ardor and sincerity, in fact - he is kind and willing to even put up, shake hands with natural enemies, to forgive an insult - and all for the sake of love. Only the very young are able to so love. From beginning to end, giving himself
All the rest of the cast -. Everything is clear, and they are honored with the names, and they are perfectly 'lived film', but it is guessed a very small share of sketchy, the conventions of their characters, I think that this is not bad and serves as a kind of rim around the action - shading realism of the two most important characters, as well as a reference to 'Shakespearean theater'. I liked from the 'background' - of course York (Tybalt) and the actor who played Mercutio. This master of the old, strong schools.
Nakhodka director not shoot anything in the studio and on location. Italy is full of the good of medieval towns ... And from these beautiful, almost leonardovsih landscapes, from the dusty areas, yellowish stone castle walls, of its diversity and the noise of the crowd - simply breathtaking ... more than once caught myself feeling: if you press the Freeze at any time of the film - though now invite the painter: here is a picture of real medieval life, and in everything: costumes (absolutely authentic old), in buildings, in nature, and even in the plastic people. Revived paintings by old masters. And another thing: the person in the film quite old-fashioned, like the ones I saw in the halls of the Renaissance painting. . Amazingly beautiful, inspired faces
next item - Operator + again directing: surprisingly many episodes of shows - perfectly chosen perspectives and plans, coverage (most often - a living sun). It seems to me that every move very carefully and subtly film is completely devoid of at least some may be ugly or too much movement, posture. But the actors are very natural at the same time. That is why the whole film does not leave the sensation of dive into the atmosphere of some inexplicable subtlety, grace - in general beauty. Even in the scenes of street fights and then fights Tybalt, Mercutio and Romeo
Very touching scene shown at the ball -. Acquaintance of Romeo and Juliet when she walks through the ranks chinnyh those figures, dazed, confused, looking somewhere, surprised looking stranger ... and such a contrast of two living beings trembling on the verge of nayduschih each other, with these distinguished guests, it is important and static listening troubadour.
Or the scene where Juliet finds out about Romeo's exile and then of the inevitable and hateful marriage with Paris ... So much genuine grief with nly true feelings: she rushes with a plea to his father, his mother - but it is impregnable boulders 'iron will', even her favorite nurse betrayed, she advises to forget 'this rag' Romeo and go for a profitable alliance. I am with all my heart, looking at Olivia, Juliette, every cell understand, WHAT has been going on in her mind, what confusion, what pain and despair ... I understand and accept every gesture, every impulse, every traffic. For me, Juliet, as it introduced Olivia Hussey, immensely close and clear
Music -. Another peak of the film. Without it, the film would be on the level of the others. The main muzteme from the beginning of the film understandable yearning huge passion ... and doom. Even music can tell
As for the general conclusions from this 'very sad story', then everyone must be their -., Depending on the temperament, life experience, world, soul, the ability to feel and understand the beauty and many other
I for myself once again realized that sometimes moments decide life and death. And - most often the road to hell is paved with good intentions (oh, wise and good father Lorenzo, he's wanted to do better, but in the end it turned out that the reconciliation of families held at great cost, and whether it took place - the issue)
. And yet - a senseless feud condemns both sides for a very expensive sacrifices - sooner or later. This - a kind of retribution. In all this history is very keenly felt the hand of God.
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