"Roman Holiday (1953)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are films of all time, and is - in the spirit of its time Most movies still reflect the trends of his time.. This is reflected in the game actors in the plot, in the surroundings, and suits the overall atmosphere. Therefore, many of the films of the 1950s look is now quite unusual from the standpoint of contemporary reality. This picture, I feel perfect. Everything is so beautiful and really, believe me, and characters, and the plot develops as it should, and actions of the characters are complex. And Gregory Peck to Audrey Hepburn and then the beautiful beautiful today. This is a movie for all time. It is with this film began my love for Audrey Hepburn .
Immortal movie! At the heart of the Italy comes a young princess named Anna , together with representatives of the embassy. The girl is a princess, no worse than the fairy-tale characters. She is smart, beautiful and knows the rules of etiquette. Only here the young and cheerful girl is always difficult at secular events, it sometimes want to escape from the custody of his courtiers have fun like normal people. And after one of those official meetings, the princess had had enough, and she starts to cry. The doctor gave her a sedative, but it is not immediately affected. She managed to secretly leave the palace and go to the first independent trip to Rome. But bad luck, sleeping in the most affected is not the right moment, and she fell asleep on a park bench. Passed by the sleeping girl American reporter Joe Bradley and the suspect could not she the one for which he came to Italy, a man had to interview the young princess. But Joe could not imagine that in front of him was a real princess. Together, the couple spends a weekend that will be remembered for many years both
On Audrey Hepburn you can watch forever -. Both on the water on the fire, the stars -! That's really really - nature tried! - more so because it is a wonderful actress and
The film about the eternal, that really warms our life and makes it beautiful !! About the people who are capable of doing, fair, open, able to rise above vulgarity and commercialism, so characteristic of today's world, obsessed with 'earning' and consumption! Money and things can not be acquired to save, save, sooner or later they turn into dust. As we visited the same high feelings there is something divine that illuminates our life and gives it meaning and purpose
This is a film-standard - how to do this movie . The film, shot in the early days of cinema and now looks at one go. The script, actors game, camera work, editing - all of the highest quality. A beautiful story made with great taste and a real cinematic charm. Watch and enjoy. And it would be quite not bad if modern directors, before creating their crafts, though occasionally turned to classic cinema. And it is quite good, if just a little could bring their 'masterpieces' for such films
Gregory Peck -. The ideal of masculinity and Rome - a beautiful, eternal city . The history is remarkable. But in general the whole movie in his every moment worked out at 100% the director, cameraman, actors. This film does not need coloring, in our perception of it, and so lights up and plays with the brightest colors and cheerful tones. This cute charming movie, you want to smile, be touched, to enjoy life. Despite the black-and-white format, the movie has brought so many bright colors. Looks with ease.
Film, carrying a huge positive charge. This is a quiet, calm, measured and funny story. No sverhordinarnogo something in the story, but the film is not a thing of the cinematic fly under the yoke of the past years 'vacation' revision is not the first generation of film fans and film enthusiasts. What is the secret of the picture? I think it is a merit Audrey, Air Audrey Hepburn . She is the personification of this melodrama, full reflection of its atmosphere and mood: bright, open, positive and charming. For the Princess Anna , Audrey won an Oscar, and I want to say that as an actress (the time of the shooting is still quite inexperienced) her credit for this is not a small, and she is also the nature of this, it was necessary to film. Natural and naturally looks Audrey under the gun cameras. Looking at it, inside you feel some ease, and is filled with warm spring, mood, you just want to smile. And so, I think the movie will review and revise any more one decade
I love this movie, like the charming Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck chic A remarkable film -.! Touching, good and bright, with simple dialogues, easy 'old' humor and surprisingly natural final! Rome (albeit in black and white) and the music is also beautiful!
'Rome! Of course Rome ' -! Violating etiquette and making a personal, living adjustments in the official speech, the princess said, Anna
! The film you can watch endlessly. Masterpieces never get old!
10 of 10

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