"Roman Holiday (1953)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Who I could see Italy, and especially Rome, he will never again be quite miserable.
I. Goethe
Life is not always so, as you want, and sometimes the rhythm of her heart becomes unpleasant. A sense of duty tends to head to the ground, deprived of rest and causes hoarse beating in his temples. Responsible Crowned share, separated from simple human happiness it. Days of flow in the week, they merge into months, and they are - in the years to come. All life is on schedule, but there it is, he does not know the official record - pleasant memories. They will remain in the heart, no matter how many countries have not flown before expressive black eyes. The world is great, but Rome - he is one. How to Fine or knew Princess Anne stanzas, but to the best of their vacation to her words did not pick up. Better to see and feel for yourself. I feel in my heart luchenie royal happiness, which for some reason is fleeting. But, hiding in the mist of the night, it will leave in the memory of a rare postcard. I imprinted on her people in a real way, honest smile, sincere eyes. And yet -. Light sadness of the fact that life does not stop at a summer day, and continued flight, carrying the solar comedy
Where else but in the Eternal City, it is better to get in touch with the history and, with luck, make it mite? During his long life Rome has known different times, experienced a fall and pogroms, but each time risen, to give everyone strolling carefree atmosphere and everyone stare. On the steps of the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum or at the bottom, next to the Trevi Fountain or on the promenade of the Tiber - anywhere you can feel the breeze carrying fluids romantic madness. It provokes a runaway princess in the absurd race behind the wheel scooter. It makes grip reporter indulge girlish whims in the hope of an exclusive interview. And it turns adults into young adventurers living momentary pleasures. Somewhere far behind the scenes is everything that is not the place to vacation: Acting, bleak reports and compliance with the rules. Just for a day, but Anna and Joe know what a beautiful nature intended mutual sympathy. It is known in spite of English conservatism, German pedantry, the French reverie, Dutch and Scandinavian melancholy rebellion. In the heart of Italy's love of a special property - the sudden and impetuous, passionate and all-embracing. On knowledge motley bouquet of sensations and a lifetime of small, but eternity, whose integral part became the "Roman Holiday", should suffice.
Thin direction of William Wyler grabs like revived fresco details that make up the acquaintance of Princess and journalist. Fulfilled desire Anne sleep in pajamas, her new hairstyle, the test "Lips of Truth," a hilarious brawl on a floating dance floor - pleasing diversity of fragments accompanying affection of young people. In any other circumstances, it would probably wondered about the undeniable absurdity of what is happening, but thanks to a friendly pitch, rather, want to plunge yourself into the maelstrom of adventure, than to understand how it happened. Full of comical situations wandering around Rome infect his naturalness, which is surprisingly a distinct addition to the fabulous nature of the picture. Scorching heat as if drains fictional, and it seems that the name of the princess of the country is not pronounced, so as not to offend the dozen worthy candidates.
than once stealthily steals sobering realization that reckless happiness casual lovers will not last forever and can end at the most awkward moment, but every time the rigor succumb to liveliness of emotions, which did not require any artificial. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn played in the Valais on the set, their characters gained such truthfulness, because it closed with the features of the actors themselves. Fidelity to the word and dignity, intelligence and grace, determination and openness - it is impossible to convince the sincerity of emotional outbursts if they are far from yourself. In a couple of fools fall in love as easily as in a thousand years of architecture of the Eternal City. Otherwise it does not work - Rome built very thoroughly, so that designated hour slipped past the camera false
But no matter how informative or left rest, and he has the ability to terminate.. Over the holidays come weekdays, and from the past fun remain alone photographs. If we imagine the human memory in the form of a giant archive, there inevitably will be found images that do not want to retrieve. Always dreamed to be on top, right at all to respond with a broad smile and greet the new day. Life, however, never get rid of the bands as the Tiber does not flow in the other direction. On the film "Roman Holiday" imprinted only one moment - one that is between the past and the future, but it has a strange way are the most common dream - love, recognition, inspiration. Like a tiny town in a glass bowl, Rome Joe and Anna are constantly able to turn in a new way, while maintaining an enviable originality. To be recognized in the most important you can pick up an incredible amount of words, and all of them are correct. And in order to express the joy of the heart, and quite tender glance.
the sun can not be viewed without sunglasses. But the light, and offered to a left Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, the eye does not burn, and the soul - light up. And it does it every time, as in the very first.

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