"Roman Holiday (1953)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«In 1946, the group" Piaggio »(Piaggio) introduced a scooter" Vespa »(Vespa). In 1952, he received free advertising when Audrey Hepburn rode him, sitting behind Gregory Peck in the film "Roman Holiday". After which it was sold a million scooters!. » (« History of Fashion in Detail »N. Stevenson).
« Roman Holiday "appeared in cinemas in 1953, and then this picture captivated the world rolling. With a budget of one million dollars she had earned twelve. Even though it may seem at first glance a little, but for the time it is a decent amount. The film is also excellent performance at the "Oscar" in 1954. Of the ten nominations, which acted film, he took with him three: Best Actress, Best Screenplay feature film and Best Costume Designer (b / w film). Statuette that year left quite a young Audrey Hepburn, who was only 24 years old. Do you know how she got the role? In - First, she auditioned for, and when the director, namely, William Wyler, commanded, "Stop!", The operator forgot to turn off the camera, and Audrey has ceased to be in the image of the heroine and start to behave naturally, these moments helped her to seize a place in the film . Gregory Peck after filming the director said that Hepburn's name should be put at the beginning, because she - will receive any "Oscar»
Well, join arrange something -. How did you, now costs go specifically to the very film "Roman Holiday ". As I said above, William Wyler sat in the director's chair and began to shoot. Let's see, what I liked about his work and what does not. In - First start with defects; they are not, so that the paragraph of my review, I immediately throw away and start to describe the only positive evidence of his work. In - the first (back in - first ... okay) he was able to make this story, not bitter patina and funny reflections of his time. He showed it as perhaps when - what he felt in his youth. But he is also a well-placed journalist Crafts problem, when for the sake of exclusive articles and other coffee can throw off the chair and shove his foot. Such minor episodes perfectly complement the atmosphere of the picture a humorous touch. I would like to also mention one of the scenes where the director showed their best qualities. The fight on the dance floor turned out not terrible and cruel, and a fun and relaxed. There is no repulsive scenes of violence, all happening in the "friendly" atmosphere. Flying guitar, the musicians play a fun relaxing music, and the dance floor rowdy throw each other into the river to cool off. It all looks funny and brings a smile to the face of the viewer (I personally have caused).
script turned surprisingly easy. Why do I say that? Because it put a lot of issues that are relevant to this day. For example, trade journalists. It has always been difficult and remains difficult to date. It should be run, to seek a sensation, to somehow justify themselves in front of a newspaper editor. All this is perfectly described in the script. It is also raised issue of honor. Even whatever the chic story for the front page, true journalist will never betray that someone dear to him. No wonder this scenario was "Oscar". Here, of course, the writer was awarded the golden statuette only in 1993, after his death in 1976. Why did it happen? Dalton Trumbo just hit the "black list" and his name was not in the credits, and the "Oscars" took with him the author of the idea. Only in 2002 the name of the writer appeared in the opening credits as "Roman Holiday" again came to the screen after restoration.
«People associate me with the time when movies were pleasant, when women in the movie wore beautiful dresses and played beautiful music. I love it when people write to me to say, "I had terrible mood, I went to the movies, watched one of your movies, and everything has changed». (Audrey Hepburn).
Indeed its role uplifting. There is not even argue with these words. "Roman Holiday" - is the tenth film in the career of the actress, who brought her cherished statuette already at such a young age. Let's understand, and deservedly whether presented the award? Yes, definitely yes. She had not played a role, but to live it on the screen. The director gave the actress a wonderful mood that did not die during the survey period. Emotions Audrey Hepburn were without hypocrisy, and natural and simple. There is a feeling that it really surprised a passing car, or rejoices bought ice cream, or - really afraid of this or that situation. "Oscar" In general, a fair decision kinoakademikov Prize. Gregory Peck perfectly embodied on screen mount - a journalist who always wakes your job or can not really explain to someone what the problem is. His game deserves a lot of praise, but, alas, even the nomination to home a golden statuette he had not won. Eddie Albert is remembered for his role. Maybe nothing special in it not, but the way played a few key points, makes the viewer smile. This bewilderment on his face from a misunderstanding, for which it is dropped and poured, naturally and easily. In general, the whole cast did its job perfectly.
As a result, I will say that I have viewed the film four times, and only now I decided to write a review of this classic film. Why did I could not do it? Probably because it has not yet reached to write reviews on these films. Maybe now I should not do this, but the experience I have picked up and it was too long ago I would like to issue a review on this wonderful picture.
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