"Roman Holiday (1953)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first time I saw Audrey Hepburn in the film "How to Steal a Million 'as a child .. 18 years, can certainly 20 back, and then I saw only a small fragment of this painting. In truth since I not remember almost anything. Can not remember the story, do not remember the hero Peter O'Toole, Audrey partner, can not remember the costumes ... well, nothing but Audrey! She had one amazing quality, any of its character can not be forgotten, even if he saw a small piece of film with her participation is almost 20 years ago! Look dozen of her works, and you will always remember each of her characters, no matter how successful was the film as a whole ..
And now, at thirty, sated to nausea 'painted' on films computer (I will not mention, as are familiar to everyone sinii beings from the planet Pandora .. or transformers-like aliens ... or crap ...) one spring evening I decided to go to the retro, distracted, so to speak, from this computer 'compote' on the screen ... a little Googling and voila!) 'Roman holiday' was the first film with Audrey Hepburn, I looked in the age of reason. Honestly, I shook it with some prejudice, and actually did not expect 'RK' nothing special. In the end, it took almost 60 years, times have changed, and I changed the manners naive and reckless, as it turned out, thought that this film have to be interested unlikely ....
After just 5-10 minutes of viewing I realized how I was wrong to 'RK' expense! All that I have experienced over the next two hours, can be described in one word: 'delight'! The film is truly magical! The very first scene (the official reception) is set on the edge of genius! The director gives us to understand that the princess - it is not some abstract symbol of the country, it is not a 'mummy' which are transported from one reception to another .. Wyler tells us that the princess also breathes and feels that she is alive and that the legs go numb princesses and tired exactly the same as every one of us!
a few words about the plot. The young Princess Anne, tired of the formal, boring everyday life, throwing off the shackles of strict protocol and is started 'to the winds' in the 'eternal city' streets. Nothing special? Yes .. by and large is not new, if not trite, but watching this film, I was once again convinced that the plot is not the main, and most importantly - it is the quality, professionalism, skill embodiment of this story on the screen! In this case, each little scene is shot not just professionally or artistically, each scene is shot and played brilliantly! Even the minor characters were very vivid and memorable! (Remember even the taxi driver and his 'three bambino' or housekeeper in the apartment of Joe as energy, some color, or hair stylist Mario ... the scene in a barber shop in general deserves a separate review, in my opinion)
film light, film and fun a little sad at the same time, kind, gentle, but not 'snotty'! no far-fetched sentimental, obviously manipulative scenes. The fun is not the vulgarity of hysterical laughter on the verge of colic, but there are subtle and, I would say, restrained humor, provocative smile, but no more! (Very rare in modern cinema, a very high quality of humor by the way ..). The sadness of the tragedy and no oppressive severity and pressing on the brain, but instead have a certain lightness and hope bright and hopeful, forcing somehow believe the best :) And of course
Princess Anne .. Audrey Hepburn and that says it all! I was fascinated and conquered it from the first minute .. show is still a young, completely inexperienced Audrey played just brilliant! When you look at the princess on the streets of Rome, you have the feeling that Audrey, like her character, too, had never eaten ice cream .. not sitting in a cafe .. so natural and convincing was Audrey! So extremely sincere and unpretentious, feminine and incredibly charming, graceful and elegant Hepburn that she and her character come together and have not perceived separately! Princess Anne, you can enjoy forever, even if you know in advance almost every following words or action movie .. It is equally attractive and charming and the royal dress at the press conference and in a black robe on the eve of the bedroom.
deserves special attention the last 10 minutes of the film. Press conference. This is one of the best scenes in the movie that I've ever seen! This is a real extravaganza of the senses played / experienced by the heart! It is a joy and sadness, excitement and peace, love and despair, all is read in a surprisingly deep and reflective, like a mirror, the soul, the eyes of the princess! Just highest level acting, not to say of the gift, the gift of the actor from God ... and absolutely deserved the Oscar as an admission that the world welcomes and admires that which is destined to become a symbol of the era, and an idol for many generations.
and if for a moment imagine that there would be no such masterpieces as "Sabrina" (undervalued, in my opinion, in Europe, but in America - it's one of the greatest paintings of all time), 'Breakfast at Tiffany's (what can we say ?) Bravo!), 'My Fair lady' (one of my favorite fil Audrey mov ...) and many more beautiful pictures, if you imagine for a moment that the Princess Anne - the only role of Audrey in the movie, even through only one of this role, young, hitherto an unknown girl, Audrey Hepburn, suddenly rose to an unattainable for almost 60 years, height, forcing more and more new generation bow to her beauty and talent, grace and almost mystically attractive charm!
'RK' for 60 years remain completely unattainable standard romantic comedy (although emotional tension of emo ionalnoy depth of the film borders on a psychological drama!). Everyone who has not yet seen this wonderful movie (if there are still ..) must watch! but look no brain, and heart! After seeing this film, I discovered a new level of performance, the quality of the game, quality, bordering with something fantastic, magical! I discovered a great and beautiful Audrey Hepburn! Opened the charm of an era!
10 of 10

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