Roles Of Films And Televisions In International Tourism Essay


Discuss about the Roles Of Films And Televisions In International Tourism.



Tourism industry all over the world is characterized by great competition between countries especially the ones whose economy critically rely on tourism business. Each country tries to market its tourist products by use of various tools and techniques. One of these techniques is the promotion of tourism destinations using movies. (Busby, 2011). Film producers constantly look for peculiar and interesting sites appropriate for movie settings. Historical monuments, landscapes, festivals and important cultural and heritage sites are frequently selected. Strong motives are created to the viewers to visit these locations as they attempt to identify with the heroes and heroines in the movies they watch. Local economies, therefore, enjoy increased number of tourists and other related benefits after the movies circulate.

Research Problem

Product placement has been defined as the organized appearance of products into films and television in ways that favorably influence the beliefs and behaviors of viewers concerning the product, (Gupta, 2014). Despite the rapid growth of film tourism as a promotional tool, finite studies have been carried out on the placement of destinations in films and its impact on tourism. Film tourism is tourism pursuits generated by viewing of film, television, pre-recorded products, and digital media, (Hudson, 2008). In most of the research conducted about general product placement, respondents have exhibited a positive opinion about product placement, and it appears to strengthen brand loyalty by ratifying consumers’ purchase decisions, (Iwashita, 2008). This study intends to research the impact of placement of destinations in creating awareness, desire, interest and action to visit locations used in films. It aims at looking at the perceived and actual effects of film tourism.

Key Themes

The key themes within this literature will be:

  1. The characteristics and motivations of film tourists

It is only until the mid-2000s that studies started being carried out on the behaviors, motivations, and characteristics of film tourists. The impact on the destinations has however remained considerably unexplored in the scholarly literature. (Roesch, 2009) suggests that the motivation facets for film site visits focus on the unique features of social, cultural and landscape qualities that tourists find fascinating in some way.

  1. The film-fan tourist

(Karpovich, 2010) remarks that the film-fan tourist is way different as compared to other fans such as sport and music in that they follow a fictional world rather than real people or events. Visits to film sites have the ability to create great satisfaction.

  1. Relevance Of The Study

The findings of this research will be helpful in provoking local and national tourist policy makers and tourism organizations to carry out studies for the extensive utilization of films that have been recorded in their regions. By highlighting the impacts of film tourism, research findings will prompt governments to support locations targeted to grow the number of tourist inflows with sufficient infrastructure and services.

  1. Theoretical Framework

Push and pull factor theory

This theory asserts that there are various factors that push and pull various phenomena, (Beeton, 2010). In this context, the researcher examines the push and pulls factors of film tourism.

Displacement theory

This theory, suggested by (Bolan, 2010) asserts that the human mind has an unconscious mechanism that induces interest in identifying with heroes watched in films.


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