Role Of Technology In Aviation Industry Essay

Information technology is crucial in the commercial aviation industry. In order to operate effectively and competitively, airlines should improve information technology. Delta airlines is one of the major global carriers that has benefitted greatly from the use of information technology in enterprise. Delta airlines operate local and international flights to several destinations across the world. In order to achieve the competitive advantage over other airlines, Delta airline has significantly invested in new information technology. Delta is considered to be among the most convenient and best flights to use for various destinations.

Delta operates more than 700 aircrafts to more than 900 destinations across the globe. One of the key aspects that has helped Delta to attain a noteworthy market share in aviation is the integration of information technology into its business strategy and use of technology improve processes. Delta started from humble grounds as an agricultural corporation that provides overhead spraying for plantations in 1924. Fast forward to today, Delta airline boasts of the biggest market share in America and is one of the most successful airlines (Shepherd, 2015).

The role of Information technology in the success of Delta

Reinforcing conventional business models with options provided by information technology such as e-business is one of the most sort after practice in the modern world. People are continually searching for services and good inline than they are visiting conventional businesses. For that reasons, Delta found it important to provide online platforms where their customers can conveniently book flights and learn about various destinations. These platforms provide valuable information to people and saves on time spent to make reservations and bookings. Through tools provided by information technology such as SITA, Delta has been able to analyze data and information about consumer trends (Shepherd, 2015). This has helped the company to make strategic goals that have given Delta a competitive advantage over other airlines.

Through the use of information technology, Delta is able to focus on the needs of their customers. Through express reservation using their online platform, travelers are able to book flights conveniently with Delta airlines (Shepherd, 2015). This gives Delta a competitive advantage over carriers that have not invested on online systems of booking.

Delta airlines has attained noteworthy achievements from the use of information technology. Through the help of IT companies, Delta has managed to develop a virtual platform for its employees that facilitate virtual learning of modern trends. While these platforms may be expensive to develop and run, Delta finds it them highly effective and efficient in training their employees (Shepherd, 2015). On the other hand, Delta has also developed an intranet that enables employees to communicate effectively, source assistance and report various circumstance. This platform has enabled Delta’s management to engage with their staff effectively hence improving the overall morale and competitiveness of the employees, thanks to information technology. This is a proof that Delta utilizes information technology as an industry clever way of attracting and retaining their customers.

Another noteworthy investment on information technology is the customer app that Delta has developed for its customers. The app is connected to the mobile devices of the customers. Through the app, customers receive important information about their fling and they also get notified when there is a delay or change in flight time. The app also provides entertainment options for the customers which can be viewed during flight. This emphasizes on how information technology has transformed the airline processes in the modern era. Delta airlines is just one of the modern organizations that have benefitted from the advent of information technology.

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