Role Of Stress In Outr Life Essay

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. It can affect an individual in more ways than one and even though stress can be good at some points, stress is never a positive aspect to have in life. It’s hard enough trying to get good grades let alone your social, home and work life. If you stress yourself out over something that can be avoided, it’ll just be that much harder to deal. Also it can lead to the use of drugs which could lead to depression or even death. Three common causes of stress are being unhappy in a job, having financial problems and being insecure of getting advanced in life. Nowadays, life is becoming hurried and busy, so people have to deal with these problems daily. This universal emotion that everyone experiences along with the three main causes has a starting point and an effect on everyone.

The rate at which the economy is going now, we can all relate to hating our jobs. Today’s work environment is one of constant busyness. Nobody has an empty plate these days. Very few of us can “clear the desk” and then go home. Instead there’s always one more thing we could do, and many of us feel, or indeed are, permanently behind. After doing that first profession for seven to ten years, people feel locked in; they don’t know what to do next or how to change. They are doing pretty well financially in that first career, and they perceive tons of risk to switching careers. So they do the same thing for the rest of their life, or maybe they just hate their boss or how the system is set up.

This leads to people working longer hours and stressing more because they feel inadequate. And make no mistake: Too much stress makes people sick, and in extreme cases it is lethal. Some people call this “death by overworking”. The interesting thing is also that stress makes people less efficient, so they get less work done, fall further behind, and become even more stressed. That’s a vicious cycle right there. Another thing is the behaviors that you may pick up such as eating junk food and getting overweight or abusing alcohol and drugs. Becoming a stimulus freak in the gym to make up for not getting any positive motivation through work is another common action step that should be avoided. No matter how confident you are or how tough you think you may be, when you feel like you are being consistently torn down, it takes its toll.

Next major issue is having financial problems; this is like a pandemic that just can’t be cured. A lot of people are stressed and one of the biggest causes of that stress comes from money. One of the major issues that made this happen was the Stock market. Unfortunately, stock markets do not move in a straight line and they experience cycles just like anything else. Many people invested from the year two thousand to two thousand ten (2000-2010) and were not very prosperous. In fact, for many, the stock market has destroyed wealth as opposed to create it due to two major bear markets in the last ten years. Also a lot of people are not focused on having a personal budget which leads them to over spend on unnecessary things such as clothes and jewellery. You call these people impulsive buyers, they buy anything they see and then wonder what happen to all the money.

This affects the mind and body of a person badly. A person is not able to think about anything else. He cannot concentrate on anything other than the cause of his debt. In this way it can make you ill and depressed. You may also have headache and insomnia. Your body will become weak and you would not be able to do anything correctly. You will become so focused on why things are not getting better that you forget about everything. That’s where you become stuck and maybe even just spend out of aggravation.

Lastly is being insecure of not getting ahead in life, this is something that we face every day. It’s not only a stress but also a fear and something we hope not to encounter. This can happen to us when we fail an important examination, which would set us one step further to gain a promotion or a pay raise. This can also happen when we give up and just become comfortable in low a level job, which really doesn’t challenge your mind. The major one is when you feel intimidated because you see the people moving ahead and you’re stuck. The effects this problem has on people are very sad; it can lead from homelessness to committing crimes such as robbery. When you are insecure and stuck you become very lonely, greedy and upset with the world.

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