"Rocco and His Brothers (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Of course, the subject of conversation, a great picture of the Visconti, is worthy of scientific theses, but, alas, the format of the review is not intended to call 'heart to heart' with a potential audience. Review - an iceberg - 90% always under water. However, and in the cinema. How many had not lasted Visconti film, it nevertheless ended, leaving a lot of questions, confusion and vacillation in the head to the heart. However, the movie is not necessarily the sausage - a product of a particular form and content, it is - first of all, the medicine for the soul and food for the brain. In this sense, "Rocco and his brothers' one of the best meals including gourmet Italian cuisine.
This pattern is created at the junction of decades, during the transition from the working Visconti neorealism subject to critical realism. In addition, it is important social implications, ugly urban romance and philosophical detachment of the author, with a cold mind of an experienced surgeon dissects one family and the whole of Italy.
course Visconti film about how a family in which all are equally loved and educability, capable to give a completely different people, and different tests welcoming, different changing environment. Of course, a film about the 'false urbanization' - the peasantry, jerked after the war in the city, where was a whole class of urban poor living in slums. Of course, it is about the people that are close and understandable.
But Visconti reaches its enormous picture of artistic generalization, breaking, whatever the displayed time, all the brothers in the generation of the country, which features discern the nature of each of them, in fact, why the film and is divided into chapters according to the names of the brothers.
Vincenzo. Relatively prosperous generation Italians after WWI. 'Daddy's movie' industrial leap of 20-30's, a time of hope, of pacifism, faith in the future under the wise guidance of the Duce, the successful implementation of social programs and the habit to obey - to live according to the word, to live like everyone else. In general, the same as in the USSR. Values ​​- family, work, peace. 'We do not touch and we will not touch'. Vincenzo less all involved in their family life. He was not very happy 'aliens' from his past - from enslavement agrarian Italy. It seems to him that the great achievements and a new life of its dense relatives are not suitable. 'Other Family' is quite prepared to accept it, he is forced to play, 'invent themselves ", build yourself another man, finding the true purpose of procreation only.
Simone. Generation War. Cruelty and ideology are running the show. Initially - gone too far swells with joy the news of the approach of 'New Era of Italy, a strong and winning' ready in the blood to fight for their new happy world in the ring with the world, to believe in fascism, took a beautiful lie at face value. War kills them without killing. Crumbling ideology, value system, their whole existence, all the dreams and hopes. Is not literally nothing worth living. Family - in the past, to create their own - for what? To bear children in the destroyed, mutilated world. Deep suffering, unhappy with the broken destiny and scarred psyche, mental and physical disabilities, who did not know anything other than orders, disgraced and abandoned, they lose their orientation in life and will never be able to win. They ruin oneself by drink and die, shoot and veshalis..Lish strongest were able to get out of the protracted crisis and embark on a new path.
Rocco. The new post-war world. Children of War, hardly knew her, puzzled looks around more children's eyes. Fatherless, proud inaccessibility, fear - of seem distant, cold. They were forgotten in the pleasures of love, announcing many new freedoms, which they do not really believe. Restless and do not know what they want, alone for the most part and impassive gazes at everything that happens with the world and with themselves, hungry for change and horrifying them, preferred to escape from it all in his own infantile world, trying to copy the 'fathers' and, together with those who despise them. But in general, does not understand the essence of historical processes taking place, apolitical and languid, romantic and vulnerable.
Ciro. Merciless to his generation of 'economic miracle'. The masses of workers, who believed in his special mission, not least because of the strong influence of the trade unions and the Communist Party. Ready to work, work and work again - with the idea of ​​knowing exactly for what, confidently walking in step with the times, to understand its historical role. Ready discard prejudices and at the slightest humiliation to fight for your rights, otrinuvshego their country's past.
And time 'Luke' has not yet arrived. And what it will be is unknown. That is, we know, but Visconti. This is a child, cherished by all 4th brothers, loving everyone equally, all bred and full of contradictions.
Why, in fact, 'Rocco' rather than 'Simone', for example? It seems to me, the author takes on the position of the name of the hero of Delon. He truly loves his characters, but does not know how to help them. A helping renders a disservice. Suffering for all, but, throwing up his hands in frustration, there is only an outside observer, ready to throw all and to leave at any time.
film to create complex. The reason for that is not only the contradictory nature of the Visconti and his communist addiction, but the stubborn resistance of the authorities, cut the film in every way put spokes in the wheel, until the ban shooting in Milan, the hometown of the director. And, as often happens, such a complex environment Enlarge pain film, effort by the promise, to make the viewer feel more heroes. It is unlikely that there is one masterpiece, which was made by accident and had not suffered.
course, giving 'generational' interpretation of the film, I again removed the tip of the iceberg, the film was left under water again. After all, there is also a moral message, and the connection between love and sexual attraction, and unhealthy passion of several generations of Italians to 'on the selling', 'empty', false values. And just brotherly love issues top of which - the scene where the younger brother of the older consoles, just ruin his life
There is still a lot of things.. There is no way to tell about the amazing game Renato Salvatore and perfect in all respects, Annie Girardot, the role of Delon, after which it began to dignify 'cold angel', a mental game Katina Paxinou (mother), a stylistic consistency, beautiful music and the fine work of the operator, the parallels with the masterpieces of Italian and Russian literature and much more. "Rocco and His Brothers" was surprisingly successful continuation of the issues and topics raised by Dostoevsky, a continuation of his heroes. The problem of moral choice, which was put in front of each writer his hero with all the cruelty, here, too, takes the throat. And the audience is to find 'his' brother and wait for an outcome - the personal and the historical. After Visconti, surprisingly, he said about Russia, no less than about Italy, and as we at first feared, but now forgotten how to speak. And this film is even closer and more painful.
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