Robinson Crusoe Essay


Discuss about the Report for Robinson Crusoe.


1: What do you think of Robinson Crusoe and Robinson Crusoe after Crusoe leaves the island?

I perceive Robin Crusoe as an adventurous man seeking high see adventures filled with pride of achieving anything he puts to mind .Coming from a wealthy family, I thought he would follow his father's career advice, but he didn't, his rebellious nature took the best of him and following what he yearns for, life in the sea where many misfortunes will come to be. Crusoe being an aggressive businessman masters the art of profit making and determining profitable investments but with high risk involved which results to a long lasting predicament. I find it astonishing his ability to master the art of survival from scratch with no crash course, just intuition, his sympathetic in adopting a savage by saving him from cannibalism and teaching him the ways of the western man shows his charismatic character filled with compassion. I find Crusoe an extraordinary man after leaving the island; he was able to lead his fellow men to freedom regardless of the obstacles they faced along the way .A new man who never lost the fight for survival, having survived ingeniously running his disrupted business was simple; he rewarded his friends a fair amount of wealth as promised to make him a man of his word.

2: As you are reading along, how realistic are you finding Robinson Crusoe?

I find Robin Crusoe getting In touch with reality gradually, regardless of losing hope for any rescue and immediate realization of loneliness in the island he finds the means of survival. Escape from such a predicament is the ultimate goal, we as humans it’s our nature to adapt to any situation to survive. Crusoe creates new values and goals for himself; he plants two crops a year to acquire food, he makes a house where he shields himself from the cold night and unpredictable weather (page 277). Lack of communication with another human creates an unrealistic experience where he has no one to talk to rather than God who seems to have forgotten about him, this depresses Crusoe. I find him still attached to a monetary value which reminds him of humanity when he finds gold and silver which at the moment has no added value to him but keeps it to gain a sense of humanity in him which increase how realistic I find him (Page 267).

Determining the existence of cannibalism in the island raises Crusoe’s guard on survival instincts, he devised various ways of staying unnoticeable and even eliminating them, and through his misfortune, and he’s able to save one of the savages who he then gains compassion towards him. Crusoe teaches Friday how to read and write, Christianity and the existence of a higher power but still doesn't let his guard down at any chance since he still considers him as a potential threat. I find Robin Crusoe survival in the island continuing to draw him towards reality; this is essential since it strengthens his physical and spiritual morale for continued survival until he escapes the island.


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