"Robin Hood" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I'll start, as so often in my reviews from the past. In the mid 90's in my hands hit the tape, rewritten with friends, with two animated films - Robin Hood and Peter Pan - two, by the way, in a translation by Alexey Mikhalev
What can I say.? Mikhalev, as always, managed more than brilliantly translated by playing almost on roles - here a little depart from the theme - and because I only pleased that Robin Hood with Costner again in his translation. It was possible to see and dubbing - is not the same perception, lacking the charisma of an interpreter and translation because Hiss Mikhalev - is generally a masterpiece
We all know the legend of the Valiant robber, who was called by the people of Robin Hood.. He robbed the rich and gave their booty to the poor so that they could pay the exorbitant taxes the rich and again Robin would rob them - a vicious circle. In those days England languished because of the Crusades, but still had to pay a huge ransom for Richard the Lion Heart, to save it from enemy captivity - and therefore it is no wonder that people began to think of legendary heroes who helped him in getting rid of the burden of taxation.
One of these characters - and most famous - and became a Robin Hood. The best shot in the whole world, jovial and good-natured - he embodies all the best qualities that could imagine a commoner. In some versions he appears aristocrat, in some peasant, but the general outline remains the same - he is noble and knows where the truth - a perfect example for the younger youth at the time, is not it
In this cartoon version of the origin of Robin unknown. This sly fox lives in the forest in the company of his best friend Little John, cooking stew, with whom Bratza Tuukka smoke from the ears fells - okay, let's not talk about who is actually her brewed - and dreams of Lady Marian
Oh, Lady Marian, the fairest of all the foxes living under the supervision of Prince John, loving children and all their secrets informing Lady Kluck - although the chicken and so knows everything. Who else but she could recognize a disguised Robin, who appeared on the tournament shooters? Who else but she could have as much time to love a robber from whom the sheriff and Prince recoiled like fire
Speaking of the Sheriff of Nottingham - disgusting and vicious wolf, ready to shake the last penny from a poor widow with many children, and is not shy to do anything - a parody of an employee of the tax authorities - but because of the cartoon action took place a thousand years ago, is not it? As well as parodies are and Prince John, sucking thumb, it is worth it to remember the mom - willed ruler, let the real John of England was not so comical - and Sir Hiss - I must say my favorite character in all the cartoon, which is so charming to sleep under . eerie creak of her bed and does
important role children play - and leverets cherepashonok - and I've always wondered how this turtle can run on a par with hares, and even faster. It is these children come to the rescue and Robin and Marian, and eventually become perhaps the most important characters of all the action - which is always ready to help where no one can more where Rescued adults it is the children come to the rescue as a child, everything seems a little different - but even after all these years, if I turn on a cartoon in just my favorite translation, and hear the familiar music - immediately feeling to be back there, in the distant past, when things like this Disney masterpiece, it seemed much simpler and lighter - and f greedy scoundrels will be really naive simpletons who robbed cunning gypsy - or whoever was hiding under the guise of their
If you look in the dub - the estimate is reduced by the score, but in the translation can not be questioned Mikhalev
10 of 10

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