"Robin Hood" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

If you knew just how it is pleasant to look beautiful, thrilling, exciting, interesting, funny and not at all silly story !!! ..
People! Do not be afraid to be open, and try to say what you really feel ..
That is, imagine that yesterday asked your best friend (girlfriend) tell of what you like the cartoon, and in response:!
« Yes, I look. It was interesting. You can have a look. »
Yet! What was interesting, and why we have to look it - not a word
Uh ... Yes, this applies only repels. But cartoons - it's feelings, emotions, special panache, posing in nature, coherent plot, emotional musical accompaniment and much more !!! ..
Here I am now looked "Robin Hood", 21 th in a row of the legendary creature Walt Disney studios. I looked, and I was terribly bursting to tell you that's the story! Bursting ... But first ...
Robin Hood - this is one of the great characters of the medieval English ballads, whose name, courage and deeds will be more than one century discussed by historians, philosophers, simple people, well, well: world cinema, literature, art and music !!! ..
Here seemingly ordinary thief, and, at the same time - a person with a capital letter, are not inferior in eloquence - bards; strength, agility, valor and courage - the knights; kindness and cordiality -
people ... Well, I'm about the nobility, too, and quite silent. After robbing the rich is he, and only to then give it all to the poor! People's hero! A kind, ideological fighter for justice. Strategist. Handsome, clever, cunning as a fox ...
Here's a general picture I have outlined, and its story about the man ... But I accidentally said at the end: "fox", as it gradually takes us to the Disney cartoon, 1973 issue, where instead of people depicted ... animals! The most common animals! And this time, by the way, very competently is underlined in the picture!
«... He was hiding in Sherwood Forest, which robbed the rich and helped the poor ... Since then, many legends were born ... very different ... We, in the animal kingdom, there are a legend .... »
see? I love it when sensible approach to business! .. Actually, to be honest, I can not even find fault with anything. And I - stern but fair critic. Yes ...
And the thing is that the cartoon is very funny to put. With humor, drunk, with elements resourceful jokes and plot twists (director: Wolfgang Reiterman, screenplay: Larry Clemmons Ken Anderson), in the presence of a beautiful, spiritual songs, the overall musical accompaniment (composer: George Bruns), and, of course, stunning, charismatic characters, among which stands out not only the main Robin Hood (Brian Bedford), but ... all the rest! Yes Yes! Exactly! There was featured as teamwork that even simple guards looked bright, interesting and memorizing
«Roger Miller -. Allan-e-Dale (cock)
Brian Bedford - Robin Hood (foxes)
Monica Evans - Lady Marian (fox)
Phil Harris - Little John (bear)
Andy Devine - So Father (badger)
Peter Ustinov - Prince John (Leo) / King Richard (the lion)
The territory Thomas - sir Hiss (snake)
Carole Shelley - Lady Kluck (chicken)
Pat Battram - Sheriff of Nottingham (wolf)
George Lindsay and Ken Curtis - Trigger and nuts (vultures) »
(Wikipedia ).
crumbs John, Lady Kluck, Prince John, Lady Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham ... All of them contributed to the cartoon piece of something special, that is typical only to them. And it was fun to watch ... As I laughed heartily, that's something. Sincerely pleased ...
How presented romantic line? Tournament archers? Such a liberation of his father? Yes ... This is a must see ...
Well ... Perhaps, that's it. See a beautiful, funny and exciting cartoon "Robin Hood", find in it their favorite characters, and ... remember - good on the ground more. Who would not say that ... 10 of 10

in total you kind and good!

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