"Robin Hood" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For me, already well accustomed to modern animation, a return to the style of drawing klassichekomu passed painful (eye had to re-adapt and, yes, excessive graininess all digital copies are not subjected to remaster is the place to be). But I can say despite vylizannost images, smooth lines and elaborate background in modern works, the old studio work has a tremendous comfort. There is something attractive in this drawn, so to speak manually (not a computer) characters and backdrops own rasskrashennyh not Pestryaev details. They serve here the background do not overlap and do not interfere with both the main and secondary characters that are equally high quality and nice depicted. Rough line somewhere unfinished somewhere too excess, creates a sense of identity and the rise of manual labor. Yes, the Soviet era, gives a little, but that look of a man who was born in the USSR. Naturally, I was born the association would be contrary to the United States. But one point in plotting I was very confused. Why Hiss, the snake with the skin, in certain moments of their facial frills acquires image of the snake with a wool cover. For me it is a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle cleaner.
history, mostly familiar to all. Do not overtighten on their side of the political fabric and all kinds of lawsuits, but in general outlines the situation. Here, the key point more in the moral component of the image of the characters and their actions. Definitely, instructive and revealing scene looks tax collection Sheriff of Nottingham. It immediately highlight key points on what is good, what is evil. In this perhaps lies the small disadvantage of this cartoon. 'Indicative instructive' grabs the viewer by the scruff and pokes his nose into his flimsy value leaving no opportunity for reflection. Yes, on the one hand they are correct, but that the action called defender of the poor from the moral point of view can not be established. Welcome to administer and can be slightly different methods. Although this is quite a controversial dispute odnaznachno compromise is clearly not reached. And there would be, I think, would suit larger dilemma and the problem of choosing these very values, but to wait for something you should not pretentious by most good studio. Although the choice of works logshego the basis of this cartoon it is also quite controversial. All questions on this subject, here are well disguised and frivolous comicality both the situations and the characters that they play. It is difficult, for example, be seen in the face of his brother King Richard the villain of this attack and feel the ardent hatred. For the viewer - is a big naughty child, whose whim satisfy all its surrounding faces. Clumsy, somewhat childishly naive and stupid. Again, the Sheriff of Nottingham with all its negative image appears rather gallant crafty, which is not in direct conflict with the local people and all sorts of tricks and subterfuge trying to extract from them more bucks. In general, it is characterized by a sort of crook. In this case, the appeal does not lose, a slight display of a negative character, gives even perverted sympathy. More in demonstrations and stage performance of acts, of course, than the ultimate meaning of these actions and the consequences that they carry. I do not need to say that humor is not present in the sample and has a stunning feature as kindness.
It seems to me the dynamics turned out not everything went smoothly. The inclusion of the abundance of the minor parties, dilutes and entertains, but the integrity of the history of constantly switching between actors in povestvoanii not felt. The big question is, and all that, the number of the young age of the characters, which, of course, by the authors, act as a liaison between the viewer of the same age and goodies. Thus, to believe in the good intentions, and corresponds to, to identify with him much easier. The scope of action, of course, with so many characters to the climax is gaining momentum, but sometimes appeal to him felt superfluous. In that vein, which serves the story, on the other, I think, to do it would be impossible, or indeed the studio would have to step back a little from their canons.
in musical design of everything is quite ordinary. The music is chosen is not bad, but it can not be called memorable. Importantly it sounds with or without cause and no tangible stagnation or lack of atmosphere in the feed does not cause. The song that sounds at a certain point of the narrative, and turned forgettable.
Perhaps this will end. Up a little.
By all indications, the picture Disney controversial. Herein lies the choice of works logshego based adaptation, and the dynamics of the events. We showed a lot of character, voiced by quite a number of good and funny dialogues, but in terms of action played out everything was a little bit cautious, however, as the number of places shown. Specifying the number here is forest landscapes. Also some one-sidedness and explicit aktsentrirovaniya on only the positive qualities of the forest brotherhood does not add pluses for repeated viewing of the work. But one can not say that when watching felt a certain appeal. I think the merit lies in the simplicity of the characters shown, and in the light atmosphere of the Nottingham. It creates some alyapovost deeds and acts committed by the main antagonists, as well as the neglect of the open conflict between the parties. Direct clashes and ostrostoyaschih problems are not observed. Characters from each other constantly running and finely pokostyat why are very funny and not annoying moments.

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