"Robin Hood" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are people in a path leading into the world of fairy tales. Have you heard about it? Very narrow path begins in the clearing of consciousness. It is impossible to find. You can just run into her by chance on. If you found it - Go straight on it and do not turn, or no longer return. In the fairy world has no place for doubt. We decided to see the fairy tale -. If you please do not break the rules
This path leads to a large dense forest. Welcome to a place called Sherwood Forest ! And though he does not differ in their appearance from many other forests, it keeps a lot of unusual and interesting. This place keeps the legend under the canopy of trees. One of the most charming and well-known legends of the world. Legend of the Himself marksman in the world ! But not even a bow and arrow made him famous - they are only given the authority of the person. Welcome to visit most noble Rogue in the history of mankind and his cheerful company. And woe to you if you have never heard of it either! But fear not. The fact that this has a reputation fox robber, will have no impact on your purse, or neck, of course, if you are not a miser. Oddly enough, in the forest do not need to be afraid of robbers, and vice versa - the sheriff and all subordinate to the king, and in addition, the king of Nottingham. Whatever you say, but to live a good much better and more pleasant.
Robin Hood and Little John were walking through the woods,
discussing what this and that, having fun, laughing.
reminisced about the past, playing the fool.
tili-tili, Tralee wali, what a wonderful day! ..
a child, a cassette with the cartoon, must be overwritten is much more likely to cassettes. I was just crazy about this beautiful and really sweet story about a cheerful and kind lisonke to carry the legendary name of Robin Hood. I had memorized the whole cartoon and could detail to the most unsightly reproduce in his head, but still every day after school in elementary school, I ran home and be sure to include a VCR, from which not even remove the cassette with the inscription 'Robin Hood'. For a few minutes viewing was delayed, because I always forgot to rewind the tape, but immediately after rewinding, I could not be torn away from this cartoon.
How many more will have to groan and exclaim about lost as a hand-drawn animation? Just hard to imagine how much effort was spent on drawing each frame! And how many soul artists put into their creations! Of course, and computer animation to spend a lot of time and effort to get excellent cartoons and special effects. But I do not believe that someday surpass inanimate computer hand feeling of the master. I can not believe.
can not, and so every time I admire the old cartoons of Walt Disney Studios. It is impossible not to admire these colorful, vivid and fascinating history, which describes and outlines the huge cartoon artists empire. Walt Disney was a great artist and a skilled mentor to many. In his cartoons growing is not the first generation of children.
... Who would have thought that would be a trap lurking Vodice,
What the sheriff of Nottingham
Together with his troops hiding somewhere nearby
tracked down and around them ...
This cartoon bears in itself so much positive energy and that from the first minute could not help smiling and immediately observe the development of sweet and long time many well-known stories about the exploits of a robber with a capital 'P '. Looking back on it now, unwittingly steals the idea that a film for children. But when I watch a cartoon, I just want to go back to his childhood. I feel like a child, not to speak arcane phrases and just go back to dear old but not forgotten me Sherwood Forest, and walk through the trails with a brave fox Robin and his great friend John Crumb. Easy, fun and exciting adventure in which Robin Hood will have to use all their talents to win all of their vile enemies.
... Robin Hood and Little John in the woods
ran through the trees, raced through the fence like a deer.
the chase escaped again deceived the Sheriff
Tirli-tirli, Truly, Truly, what a wonderful day! ..

very strong melodies and songs are characterized by their simplicity making cartoon even more docile children. They do not understand, but could not help the feeling of sinking into the atmosphere of carefree robbery, with the next target charity as I once felt it. And it was a hell of a pleasant feeling! Even now, I have enough to think about the great music that accompanied the adventures of Robin Hood as a start for the body pleasant to wander goose. And now I have enough words to tell about it in more - less full. And I'm grateful to this cartoon as a child filled me with a lot of positivity and nobility than any other creation of cinema, be it a movie or a cartoon.
... As the years passed, I grew older, but the cartoon stuck in my heart tightly, and I do not complain. Sometimes I like to remember every detail this cartoon, and I'm just pleased that at the time I did not turn from the path of intangible fantasies. They help to live and feel better.
... Tirli-tirli, Truly, Truly, what a wonderful day ...
Try to sing this song. And the smile involuntarily will grow on your face. The soul is cleansed and you will return to chasochek in childhood. For many it is morally necessary, otherwise you can and become stale. And then have to hope that someone, like a fairy tale, save your soul ...
In the meantime, surf the Sherwood Forest, do not forget to be cheerful ...

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