Risk And Crisis Management Essay


Discuss about the Risk and Crisis Management.



Crisis Management involves around the process by taking recourse to which an organization handles a disruptive element that will cause harm to the reputation of an organization along with the stakeholders involved. It is held to be a very important process in relation to public relations. Risk management deals with the process of assessing and controlling aspects of threat that will affect the earnings of an organization (Glendon, Clarke & McKenna, 2016). This report illuminates on the gross violation of decorum in the prestigious Concord College and how such a risk can be prevented at future. This report focuses on the possible risk that has emerged on account of the hosting of an anonymous server of the IT system of Concord College that can leak sensitive information along with that of images. It throws light on the underlying theories that were behind this action plan. This report includes a reflection on the entire event and the communication solutions that can be provided during such a crisis situation.

Analysis of Theoretical and Practical elements involved in the team’s response

The humiliating act performed by a teacher Alexei Popov has thrown up a lot of controversy within the Concord College. Teacher often carry out abusive acts in the name of discipline has often been witnessed by the society and the education community. The video recording of the event will be made public harming the reputation of the particular college and the entire society at large. A formal statement posted by the College within the first two hours after such an incident is extremely crucial and they are considered the golden hours to seal the damage that is made by such an act (Lam, 2014). Such information should be posted quickly so that it can stay on top of the media. All the stakeholders have a say in how to deal with such a situation and the Department of Education of Queensland will be affected by this crisis and should provide extensive support in dealing with such a crisis situation. Law enforcement agency, board of directors and trustees, legal advisors will be involved who would provide an impartial view on the event thus helping the legal body of the college to arrive at a conclusion and provide a verdict on the violation of conduct within the premises of the College (Jin, Liu & Austin, 2014). Popov should explain in vivid detail why such an action on his part became necessary and should communicate to the media in an effective manner that will not harm the reputation of the College otherwise students who would take admission in future would think twice before enrolling in the college. The facts of the event should be laid bare in front of the public and Alexei Popov should apologize for his gross conduct.

The communication tactics will be handled by Mark Discus who is the communications leader and he will be able to provide valuable help in dealing with the media. Lee Gal is the legal advisor who will ensure that the actions taken are in line with the law. The teaching team and other staff should feel secure and they should be actively involved in the process of decision making (Alexander, 2014). The teacher Popov should undergo a counselling session in which he would be enlightened about behaviour program. Behaviour Plan should be in accordance with the disciplinary guidelines of the state education department and their particular college district. The target child should not feel powerless and that particular situation should not discourage the child from learning or from coming to the College. Milder form of punishment should be encouraged and punishment should be followed by some kind of reward (Page, 2014).

The IT system of the Concord College is being hosted by an anonymous server that can contain sensitive information and images that will involve students from all around Australia. Immediate action is being taken by Concord College and activation of Crisis Response Plan is being done that will be in line with the values of Concord College. The IT manager would take the lead in handling the crisis. The stakeholders would be involved and website statement would be released. The students and staff would be informed with the help of email services. A press conference would be helpful in spreading awareness about the event. A counselling service would be launched for students and staff (Hopkin, 2017). The IT reboot was done 72 hours after the shutdown that would ensure no trace of website and host. The new servers would be investigated so that it will be ensured that such a mishap does not occur in future.

An action plan is hence launched that will help in dealing with such a situation. The five steps involved are identification of the risk, analysing the risk factor, evaluating the risk, treating the risk and monitoring the risk. The theoretical framework was provided by the Event Analysis for Systematic Teamwork Method (EAST method) which was developed by Human Factors Integration Technology Center which is used to study socio technical network. It helps in describing the properties relating to socio technical network that arises on account of interaction between the different components. A leading web host provider that is backed by a branded server who has a dedicated support team will be able to guarantee ensure safe networking (Mohan & Reddy, 2014). It should have unique AS number network, IP ranges and endowed with CISCO equipment. By making it unique it will be able to retain full control in case of any possible attack on the server (Mubarak, Ab Manan & Yahya, 2014). All issues can then be handled internally without taking the help of any external party to resolve the issue.

Reflection on my contribution to Teamwork

The members of the Crisis Management Team will sit at a ‘war Room’ where the entire team will gather and try to resolve the crisis (Maynes, Mottonen, & Sharpe, 2015). The internal venue of Gregory Terrace is the location where the relevant crisis will be discussed at length. I being the spokesperson of Concord College was endowed with the difficult task of acting as the liaison between parties in order to reconcile differences. I have to interact with the local health care community, human rights and social services group so that I can make them feel that the Concord College has taken note of the breach of conduct because the teacher Alexei Popov has sprayed fire extinguisher on a student. I have to communicate to the social rights group that the college has taken notice of misconduct and the teacher would be punished appropriately for this. The priority of the college rests on the welfare of the students and the college disciplinary body will take all action that is necessary to prevent such crimes from occurring in the future (Page, 2013). The parents of the students should be reassured that such an incident would not recur in future and that the students of the college are free of any kind of harm. I will assure the parents that their children do not have to feel insecure and the college will take strict action against anyone who would jeopardise with the health and safety of children. It was announced that the $5m award would be presented at school and the fund would be used to fund Gould’s program and use it to encourage investigation into similar cases of bullying.

The IT issue that has grappled the Cordon College will have to be dealt with quickly in order to safeguard information relating to the students and staff across Australia (Sagiroglu & Sinanc, 2013). I, the spokesperson of Concord College will communicate with the IT experts and Queensland Police Service to investigate the server so that the problem can be identified and eradicated as fast as possible. I will inform the stakeholders that immediate action is being taken to shut down on-site IT infrastructure so that data will no longer be at risk. Communication can be done through Concord College Social Media Service and phone lines can be used that are unaffected by the crisis. The backup website of the College can be used in the meantime (Puthal et al.,2015).


The risks facing Concord College can be tacked through communication and effective steps should be taken so that such a problem do not recur in future. The teacher Popov should take part in a counselling session which would talk about the importance of behaviour program. Immediate action should be taken to shut down on-site IT infrastructure so that data risk can be prevented and security can be restored. Communication can be made with Concord College Social Media Service and phone lines that are not affected by the crisis. The backup website of the College can be used till the problem is resolved.


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