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With a donation of $ 20 million and various global programs the non profit Pretty Foundation makes a promise to long lasting improvements in education and women empowerment. Their main motive is not only to transform the lives of some of the poorest, but also to influence their global, regional and national agendas to work towards an equal society.

The two new partnerships of the pretty foundation with the UNICEF ( Education ) and CARE ( Women empowerment ) has build on the achievements and the learning that has been made on the previous Global Programs that has ended in January 2017. With this new pledge, the total donation to the Global Program is more than a million in terms of the Australian currency.

Over 10000 children are reached with education and almost 100000 women are empowered to expand or start their business. In addition to this the Government have added more resources towards the women empowerment and their education in some of the remotest and the poorest parts of the state. These have eventually made the program a huge success.

“ We have seen that our program have made a real change and that makes both our foundation and our partner organisations very eager to move into the next gear.”

“ There is a constant need for some new innovative solutions and the Preety Foundation will continue to be a catalyst to make a positive change to the state. It is indeed a long term commitment that the foundation has taken” as stated by XYZ, the General Manager of the Preety Foundation.

In a recently launched Impact report, 2016 - 2017, the Preety Foundation has completed all its efforts so far and the program is also elaborately discussed in a short film

Pretty foundation and its vision on Women Empowerment

It is my pleasure to stand before you and deliver a speech on the Pretty Foundation and its work on empowering women. The story of this Pretty Foundation is quite similar to the other non profit organsations and has a far reaching impact on the negative body that has been well documented and it is only degrading due to the social media influences, its traditional and peer pressures. These have a drastically negative impacts on the women in our society and the girls of the next generation. This negative body image not only causes a distress but also contribute to the development of the unhealthy weight loss, depression and low self esteem. Our vision is to make the women feel confident about their body and to empower them with some sort of business or jobs with the help of proper education and health hygiene. The mission of the Pretty Foundation is to empower the girls and the women of our society and make them feel positive about their body. In recent days, it is seen that the young girls have a nose for a perfect body and the concept of the body shamming has developed. From our research the primary focus that we gained is that from the childhood there is a concept that is built on building a positive body. That is the main reason behind making this orgganisation and to help those children counsel through different ways so that they can be proud of their body color, tone and shape. There is nothing called the perfect body structure, these are all our interpretation ass to how we would like to see our self in the mirror. The primary focus or rather the age group that has been targeted is from the age group of 6 to 12 years. In order to make the society understand we need to start with the roots and lay the foundation there, so an early initiative has been taken to speak to girls and their parents as well that will include equipping and educating them with the different tools of confidence, languages in order to build the resilience to their daughters. There is a need to build gender equality in the society, women are in no way backward all they need is a push firm behind and they will conquer the world. I belief the notion o the empowerment comes only when there is a drawback so there are some famous women who are the face of a country, hence it is wrong to state that the women are lacking behind. The world is changing slowly but not rapidly on their way of looking upon a women. Earlier there was no concept of women empowerment, and they were confined to the four walls of the kitchen and maximum to their house but now slowly the concept is changing.All they need is a little push from behind in order to succeed for those who lacks the financial and the mental support and are coming from socially backward class.

Text: The first page is all about the reality and the vision of the Pretty Foundation. The main motive of the organisation has been discussed along with its focus and the mission has been briefly introduced. The links to the Instagram and the Facebook pages has also been marked on their page. The website link along with the recently published journals is also described as one liners.

logo of the website

Text: The reason to chose the pretty foundation has also been described with the use of the different pictures along with catchy tag lines. The name why pretty was used and its recent campaigns has been stated. People could also write newsletter and share various inspirational story and also even if the have any problem. The website is all about the people who checks into their page and get to know about their orrganisation.

Text: The campaigns like why the Pretty Foundation is powerful has been described. The reason behind why to chose this foundation, how it will be beneficial all has been discussed in this page. The campaigns are highlighted along with its positive impact on the society and the women has also been described.

Text: There are different partners of this foundation that includes the agency and the funding partners. The agency partners include the Green Point media, The Township, The Cadena photography and the Essence Communications are some of the renowned ones.

Image: PDF files that can be downloaded on how to help the parents so that the children can get a bright future

Text: In this page the guidelines to the parents has been briefly explained. The parents should note this and van easily download the different PDFs which is about the organization as well as the guidelines towards the fake notion of a perfect body has been explained.

Colorful pictures of children with the articles has been provided

Text: The articles that has been recently published has been provided in the page. The most recent article includes the small changes for promoting a healthy body image in our daughters is the one and the date of the publication was in August.

The different ways on how to donate to this organisation and the people who have donated is stated in this page.

Text: The places through the social media that includes the Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and various other social medias has been provided. The address of the foundation has also been stated so that the people who are willing to drop in can easily avail their services. Some off the services are even free of cost and some are of minimal charge

Analysis of approach document

There is a need to alter to the different communication tactics so that the promotion may reach to maximum number of people through all possible ways (Rosenbloom 2014). The use of the speech scripts, the brochures and the press releases will help in all ways to the promotion of the Pretty Foundation and it will make the event successful. The media releases is for the journalists who will be solely responsible to telecast the event live on television or radio services or they will print it on the newspapers and magazines the following day (Van Dijk 2015). Hence, there is a lot o importance of the different communication tactics and so they must contain all the details of the program in a proper way (Friend and Jessop 2013).

Apart from the website of the client, different books and journals were used in order to understand how to hold a speech and make a brochure for a non profit organisation . Research have been on the different ways on how to write the approaches of the documents and the web copy also. Apart from the website of the client, a study has been made to the other different non profit organisations even. A depth study and research has been done in order to build this assignment and make it to a good grade.

The persuasive appeals that was applied while making this assignment is a mere mixture of the logos that is the logical implementation, pathos that is an appeal to the emotions of the audiences and lastly the ethos which is moral knowledge and expert level. In order to build this project, there was a need pathos to understand what the customer wants and how to fulfill their needs and on the ways on how to approach them (Austin and Pinkleton 2015). The ethos and the logos is also added so that to build this assignment with proper logic and knowledge so that it may be well presented. Lastly, it can be stated that to make any work a success there is a need to add a pinch of professionalism (Toth 2013).


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