Rewards To Motivate Different Generations Essay


As a Human Resources practitioner, what would you recommend as suitable rewards to motivate the different generations that exist in the workforce today?


Rewards to Motivate Different Generations

Motivation has huge significance for employees in order t o receive efficient outcomes from them. While there can be differences in the individuals, there are many themes in between the generations that can be used as information to create well round approach for rewards and motivation of the team members. Today’s workforce mostly consists of the Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), Millennials (1981 to 2000) and Gen Xers (1965 to 1980) (Meier & Crocker, 2010).

  • Baby Boomers: These are good team players and value personal growth and optimism. These people are focused about their careers and are competitive at workplace. They add big value to the organization. They are always looking for status and respect. They feel engages when they are able to share knowledge they possess. Hence, these people will definitely appreciate rewards. Formal recognition is what they will appreciate the most. They will appreciate a new title in their workplace as a reward of the work that is well done by them. These kinds of rewards ties with their desire of earning respect and status.
  • Millennials: These employees are optimistic, of diverse value and involve themselves in decision making. They are expressive and creative. Loyal to all the other players of the organization. They expect feedback frequently and always keep good communication with their leaders. They seek interesting work which can keep them away from getting bored. Hence, this generation can be awarded by making them choose between new projects very often. They are always interested to learn something new which they can by taking new projects. They will feel motivated by sitting on the same table with their leaders and learn new skills. This generation also seeks fun in the environment of their workplace. Team events will strengthen the bond within these types of colleagues. This way they will get a new family at their workplace.
  • Gen Xers: They are creative, result driven, flexible and entrepreneurial. They tend to behave quite individualistic way and rely on themselves instead of relying on others. These people try and create work life balance. These people are always looking for marketing skills and results which assist them build a new strong career. Since, this generation is looking for a work life balance; they will always appreciate having flexible work environment for work. They also appreciate independence in their work. Hence, they will also appreciate taking new projects on their own. They are always looking for funding to develop new skills or certifications and if they can get it as a reward and they don’t have to pay for it; it would be the best reward for them(Herley, 2009).

It is obvious that all the generations appreciate time off from work and a few financial rewards. But, these rewards will always differ from generation to generation. Providing flexible work schedules and finance rewards will always allow every generation to produce better outcomes and will also help them get into the best shape in their career.


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