Review On Documentary Film "Teach Us All" Essay

Teach us all is a documentary on social justice. Pushing on educational inequality set on the year of the 1957 Little Rock school crisis. As the years went on by, The Little Rock Nine face almost unbearable violence when they were put into the desegregated school in Arkansas called Central high. Desegregation in American schools began to continuously push the Civil Rights Movement. In this documentary, Teach Us All, will convey the hardship in the history of African Americans, highlighting the need for unification and to steadily repair the visions of minorities to the children. But of course, not everyone agreed with desegregation. Even today people, like myself, still experience racial profiling.

In the film, it explains by not only students but along with professors and civil right activist that say the system is not only screwed but unjustified. “We are one of the few countries in the world that systematically and deliberately spends less money to educate the poor.” I believe they should increase funding for schooling and more after-school programs for more one-on-one learning and attention for the students. As a student, I know it can be unreasonably hard for all teachers to know a student on a personal level because there’s just so many students with a handful of teachers who are willing to make the effort.

“The future of this country depends on what happens in the schools.” Allowing that to sink in your mind, it’s correct. Whatever you feed the children in their brain as kids, it will stick to them as they grow and prosper into themselves. Rationalizing what a teacher does, it is an ambiguous goal but if students continuously give up on their dreams of education because they were taught poorly and had no motivation to continue. Not only are they kissing their future behind but the ones after too because life is a huge domino effect. “Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Idaho, Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma have spent at least 15 percent less per student in 2015 than in 2008. States that have made an uprising of 15 percent were Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, Alaska, Illinois, and North Dakota, ranging from 15.5 percent in Vermont to 96.2 percent in North Dakota,” where state revenue was at an incredibly high. “Education is key to the aspirations of individual children and it is also key to the country’s future economic growth,” Michael Leachman, director of a state research, said. It is a crucial tool the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. If you are continuously making effort and getting knowledge, easily your life will lessen with difficulty and heighten with an opportunity of the assistance of growing with personal belongingness.

During my freshman year here at Sanger High, I have had a couple of experiences because of my race. Yet one that stays on my mind is the one about my heritage hundreds of years ago. Me being in a college prep for agriculture shows I spend most of my time outside, during school in my 5th period we were outside pruning the trees and everything seemed perfectly fine until a student made an exclaim and said “Hey Xaviera, does this sound familiar” while using a vine to make a whipping noise. Though no one found it funny and the kid was punished by getting taken to the office. The most interesting fact about it all was how much the school did not want me to tell the media or sue. Of course, they did not say that, but they were rewarding me Apache gear and saying how much of a great student I am and how bad it would’ve been if they lost me. Everyone understood I was top in the class, they even could tell how far I would go to prove it. Undoubtedly, built on my high performance, they were determined that I was different from other African Americans or they would call “black.” I went against the belief of me being an ascribe to my race. Now I have the power of knowledge, which I was always told could fight against ignorance.

Education allows the people to gain knowledge of the world we live in with the ability to make the world a better place than it was yesterday. Making people develop a perspective on life. The more you continuously learn, the more opportunities will open up believing you will achieve great things in life. But to do this we need to mend our past and try to fix the problem that was before. Whether it’s more funding for schools to assist the children, more care and one-on-one teaching of the student. But whatever comes our way, we need to adjust it before it becomes a bigger problem that will be harder to take care of.

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