Review Of "Wonder" Movie Rewritten By R. J. Palacio Essay

Love is a poor life and can not finish the repair and homework. It is not easy to love others. It is more difficult to love yourself, but it is because we all have a love. If we encounter different situations, we will still understand love. So, I would like to introduce a movie called Wonder. This movie was rewritten by R. J. Palacio’s fiction in 2012. According to the movie, the main character called “Auggie” who is a 10-year-old boy, living in North River Heights, New York, with his mother Isabel, father Nate, older sister Olivia, and dog Daisy. He has a rare medical facial deformity when he was born which he refers to as “mandibulofacial dysostosis”, and he already has undergone 27 different surgeries in his childhood.

Second, even though in school or in the street, he was discriminated by everyone with colored spectacles. When the school starts, Auggie also is initially ostracized by nearly the entire student body and then they pointed him and make fun of him. After a few days, a boy called Julian who always bullies Auggie such as making fun of him and said that he is a “freak”. But he did not care about this, he also always bring a positive thinking in his childhood and then if anyone laughed by him or bullied him, he still never mind this. And he also has a dream which is being the spaceman, so he is good at science and loving this subject very much. In his study life, his classmates still bullied and insulted him in every day, but after a few months, Julian printed out a group photo, cut out the Auggie’s head and wrote “ Do Everyone A Favor And Die” and then he put this picture into Auggie’s locker. This behavior really made Auggie hurt. When the principal found this incident and called Julian’s parents came to school to understood, his parents actually defend their behavior and asserted that any students should not be exposed to Auggie, also said that they have much funding to school and then if the school persisted in punish their son, they won’t give the funding to school again. When everyone believes everything will be solved by the principal, Auggie still is bullied by senior class students. One day, Auggie’s school suggested that all students joined a camp. When Auggie and his friends went out of the campsite, they were tracked by senior class students and then they frightened to Auggie and said that I hated you. All about this, all students think that Auggie is a strange boy, so they always bullied and insulted him. When everyone saw Auggie, their facial expression are so detest and reject, also made gestures to him. These behavior are causing great harm to him

Then, In the early time, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development published a report on student well-being in April this year which included 540000 students in 72 countries and surveys focused on bullying. According to the report, 32.3% of the 5000 Hong Kong students survey have been bullied including being attacked, excluded, threatened and manipulated. This ratio is the highest in the world. They have bullied other students’ main reason is their appearance. So, we need to pay more attention to them. For example, though the anti-bullying awareness of students and staff through preventive education, training and training, and enable schools to strengthen their personal growth education in the curriculum, nurture students to respect others and master conflict management skills…

Lastly, now, in Hong Kong also has an organization can help the person with mandibulofacial dysostosis who called Alamo Maxillofacial Surgical Associates. Their team has seven practicing surgeons and multiple locations and then they will offer a wide range of oral and maxillofacial surgery options to them, from dental implants to teeth extractions, sleep apnea treatment, rhinoplasty and more. And then, their aim is to build up a relationship with their patients which having a good relationship that is founded in trust, respect and loyalty and their missions are exceptional care, compassion and patient satisfaction that they will try their best to help them and give more solutions to them. And then, they also with the University of Hong Kong to invent treatment for children and adults with a success rate of 96% to 100%. Between 1990 and 2005, the University of Hong Kong Dental College treated a total of 1194 patients with a cough.[]No matter where do you will be, there will be different opinions from the person with mandibulofacial dysostosis, but we do not rush to deny and reject them. Please use a larger amount of heart to accommodate them. People with disabilities are ordinary people and they also need our respect. It is because sometimes our behavior can make a lot of harm to them.

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