Review Of We Were Children Documentary Film Essay

In the years of 1840 to 1996 the government was taking the natives children’s from their own people and sending them to schools, a school that they treat the kids bad and miserable there was a little girl called Lyna Hart she was only 4years old and she was toking from her parents to the government school and there she was traded bad and miserable, Lyna Hart and Glen Anaquod, were young children when they were taken from their families their homes .They were put through the government residential school the expectations of a regular citizen would be that there young innocent children would be given education to support their future, instead it burned out to be living in hell torture and resulting in many of them to turn towards alcohol and suicides.

Lyna was four (4) years old and Glen was six (6), when they each went through and witnessed humiliation, embarrassment, dehumanizing treatment and different sorts of child abuse in the hands of the nuns and priests who ran these residential school . The government gave the schools a mandate to delete all hints of native identity from their “pupils’’ so as to change them into productive individuals of society.

In one occasion Glen was even locked in a storage room by one of the priests for a few days. The priest tricked him by telling him that he was going to take him to his parents. In a storage room next to him, there was girl who was also locked up and he could hear abuse done to her as well.

Glen is later rescued by a kind nun and promises him that all be well. When he tells her that there was a girl in the next room, they check the room and see that it’s empty. This shows that she was probably dead and no one really cared.

Lyna also recalls when she was abused and violated by another pedophile priest at her school. On a night when her nurse was away she wanders around and sees him raping young boys. As a really small girl, she didn’t even know what was happening to her when he came for her the following night. These kinds of experiences leave an unseen damage to children like her for the rest of their lives.

All in all, We Were Children is a really emotional and disturbing documentary which should be shown and educated to all Canadian students. It shows the ugly side of our history. It also motivates all the people who are going through a hard time to speak up and let the world know that whatever they are going through can be solved

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