Review Of The Book First Shot By Walter Sorrells Essay

In the book First shot by Walter Sorrells, we are introduced to a young boy by the name of David Crandall. At first all we know about this character is that he is a senior at his high school that his dad owns, it is a private school, and you have a dorm like room where you sleep in, you also have a roommate. And that he isn’t the most popular at his private school, in fact hecalls himself appendix “I am an appendix… Vestigial is the fancy work for an appendix. It means: left over useless, no longer of any importance.”

This is by far the best quote in the whole book, and it comes so early, it shows his inner emotions of this character, how he beats himself up for no reason. He has a deceased mother that tore David and his father apart, worst of all, it’s a murder that has yet to be solved. He has a ever growing suspicion that his dad did it. But he can’t worry about that, there is a competition called “first shot” coming, it’s a annual shooting event that the crandalls have always won, but he has nothing to worry about, he is a natural, he has no doubt that he is going to win. But then a new girl shows up, she is even better than David. She hits all tens, while David hits 9’s, David thinks she is perfect in every way.

“For the entire year, the dartington rifles go out on the edge of the barrens and practice shooting. Then at the end of the year there’s a second shootout between the ten members of the dartington rifles. The best shooter is named first shot.” I love this quote so much because you can picture the stress he’s going under. He realizes that she’s going to be competition, she realizes she COULD have competition, and when the girl invites him to go shooting, david thinks he hit it off, but we quickly realize that that is not the case. She says she needs competition and he’s the closest thing she has, also she’s dating Davids roommate (his name is Garrett). We learn that the girls name is Misty. Eventually David tells Misty about his mom’s murder, they start investigating, and find enough evidence to throw his dad in jail. But that’s not it, they realize he didn’t do it, and the only reason he confessed is because David’s dad thought David did it. They eventually find out that Davids roommates dad did it. But before he can reach the evidence, Garrett’s dad gets to it first, he gives David a choice, Garrett’s dad can keep the evidence and let his dad go, or his dad stays in jail and he leaves with the evidence. He picks and his dad is off the hook.

First shot comes and Misty throws for David, but David loses to Garret. David immetaly realizes that he cheated, but he doesn’t care. Eventually Garrett has to show off his shooting skills in front of everybody in the town, and there is no possible way to cheat this. He fires the rifle and it misfires, he doesn’t follow the safety procedures, and it fires, straight into his dad’s chest. There is no way to save him, the bullet pierced through his heart. The evidence comes out, and now everybody knows what happened to David’s mom. The main characters consists of David, his dad, Misty, Garrett and his dad. David fights inner goblins throughout this story, it’s understandable though, because of his mother’s death, and him thinking he’s dad did it. It is apparent that he is the most deep and real charter in the whole book. He has dark brown hair and is decent height and skinny.

Then there is david’s dad, he is also fighting the same goblins but worse in a way, at first we think is cruel because how strict he is and how hard he is on david. But at the end of the story we realize how hard it was for him. His wife died, he thinks his kid did it, he finds out his kid turned him in, but to him this means davids just wants to cover himself up, he confesses because he ants the very best for his son.Then there is misty, she is described as having a southern accent, and having ginger hair and blue eyes. “A perfect ten” as David describes him. She is more courageous than David, and more brave in general.

Garrett is more of the bully, because he harrasses David every day, steals girls from him, and is all around a bad person. He is described as big tall and muscular Garrett’s dad is like the super villain of this story. He is a cruel human being, his motivation are more unknown for killing David’s mother, which makes him worse. He makes lots of money, no lawyer can take him down. He is the worst human being ever.The all around lesson you can learn from learning this book is that, karma has its way and the truth will somehow come out. This is very appertent with Garrett’s dad, he gets shot and dies, and all the evidence comes out on what really happened with Garrett’s mom.

This book is 10/10 there is nothing wrong with it, the characters are real and feel human, this book doesn’t hold back, it doesn’t sugar coat anything, it gives the bread and butter. Amazing read, would read again.

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