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According to Brown (n.d), previous empirical studies in 2013 revealed that more than 60% of the Americans consider Kennedys’ assassination involved a group of conspirators to execute the killing. Contemporary, until today 2017, Kennedy remains the most recent president to die while in office, where the rationality of many organizations’ and security intelligence investigations findings posits that criminal conspiracy and parties were greatly involved in the assassination. According to Lifton, the Warren report asserts that Kennedy was shot from behind, while the autopsy report indicates that he was shot from rear; which stirs his zeal for the conspiracy report (Salisbury 45). Lifton adamantly states that Kennedys’ body was tempered with to hide the shooters as well as alter the evidence to arrest the assassinators. Theoretically, this paper will debate on was JFK's dead body secretly manipulated to alter his wounds?

According to David Lifton, just after the assassination, unknown conspirators of the Air Force One, transferred Kennedys’ body from the initial bronze-made casket into a shipping casket; on air, while on the route to from Dallas to Washington. Moreover, Lifton asserts that, on arrival at the Andrews’ Air force Base, Kennedys’ body was out of the media in the shipping casket, which was secretly taken by helicopter to unknown place believed to be the WALTER Reed Armey Medical Centre (Salisbury 34). Confidently, Lifton believes that Kennedys’ body was altered at Walter Reed Medical Centre to certify the Secret Service agents’ reports that Kennedy body was hot from rear. According to Ambrose (67), Liftons’ research coincides with the Church Committee that the Dallas police, the Commission, and the CIA collaborated to hide the films, videos, and photos taken by Zapruder to compromise the evidence of multiple killer’s involvement. In addition, the David Lifton argued that the reports presented by FBI and CIA were very malicious, deficient and heavily altered (Swanson n.d). Conclusively, Lifton asserts that FBI worked under pressure, influence, and on directory authority from unknown and unnamed higher governmental officials, the likes of Director Hoover.; to lie to the public that the body had on one bullet wound on his head; shot from rear.

On the contrary, David Lifton, wrote that the assassination was executed by mobsters, who shot differently at Kennedys’ car from behind (Green 45). According to Liftons’ report, killing of Oswald marred the conspiracy rationale, which seemed a plot to mar the questioning of the main suspect. Significantly, according to Brown (n.d), Lifton believes that Kennedys’ body was stolen and mutilated in the morgue, which on November 22, 1963, saw the Dallas Police paraffin and scientific tests of the main suspect, Oswald, depicted that only the hands wound on Kennedys’ body was from his weapon, on a rear shot, while the cheek bullet wound was from the unknown. According to Lifton, the Dallas Police did not present the accurate results of the tests, which saw Kennedys’ body tempered during the Dallas to Washington Air force transfer.

Ultimately, on the contrary, Warren Commission argued that Kennedys’ body revealed that only one man, Oswald was involved in the assassination, and the body was taken for an autopsy for further analysis. Due to the interruptions from the FBI and CIA, the Warren Commission found it had to reach Oswald, whom shot by Jack Ruby; the death appeared as a big blow to hide the core reason of the killing motive (Swanson n.d). According to Warren Commission, the bullet wounds on Kennedys’ head, and that on the leg were from same bullet cartridges of the rear shots, which led to the controversy in the reports of the autopsy and that of Dallas medical staff. The Warren report denied the Dallas medical staff claimed that the head bulled came from behind and passed through the 2 in-. by 2-I n; on the contrary, Lifton depicts that the autopsy report argued that the wound culminated from a rear shot; all which contradict the whole conspiracy theory in the assassination.


Personally, there seems clear evidence that Kennedys’ body was altered by a group of people; which the government tried to hide through the Dallas/Bethesda medical forgery report. (Welsh 88). Evidently, the Air force that flew Kennedys’ body, operated the body, by claiming the behind wound culminated form the head surgery by the autopsy experts; which intentionally aimed to mar assassinator’s’ evidence. The contradictory report of FBI and the Dallas police further proves that the investigations by Lifton are true; that revolved around malicious interests, and motives of the higher government official like Hoover (Swanson n. d). Logically, Jack Ruby seemed to have been contracted to execute the killing of Oswald, who would maybe reveal the whole assassination plot if he had not been killed (Salisbury 56). In fact, according to the CIA, the Dallas Police, FBI and the HSCA reports, there is a concurrence of information that there was evidence distortion; through the medical forgery of the head surgery, all which coincidentally try to shield the witnesses from conveying the actual occurrence and motive of the assassination (Brown n.d)..

According to Lifton, medical forgery, information distortion, and Oswald’s’ death by Ruby were part of conspiracy. Apparently, it appears as a clear plan to kill Oswald; because no one has the guts to shoot and kill publicly. Funny enough, the different versions of Dallas and the autopsy reports puts it clear that there were confusions to mar Kennedys ‘body wounds reports. Ruby was never questioned by the Police or the government intelligence agencies about his motives (Brown n. d). Evidently, the whole assassination plan looks like a state affair, a political and power battle to eliminate Kennedy. Conclusively, Kennedy was assassinated through conspiracy crime group, mandated and instructed by higher government officials; and who had to alter the body-wounds’ evidences to hide the real suspects.

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