Revenge Essay

When people dream of what they want they don’t think of the impossible. They find what motivates them to keep them going. However, some of the greatest singers and lyricists don’t get noticed, or enough credit. Yeimy an actress and leading role in the Netflix series “The Queen of Flow” encounters a problem which sends her to jail in the United States for seventeen years. Yeimy is determined, artistic, and a caring woman who never fails to get justice for herself.

Yeimy was part of a singing group called “Soul and Bass”. She joined this group because of her artistic skills. She could make up lyrics by just the things around her. She fell in love with a boy who didn’t even notice her. Yeimy wrote a song called “Reflection”. She wrote this song “So they could go to the United States and make music”. But deep down her artistic flows were flowing for the boy she loved. While on the way to the United States her friend Charley planted drugs in her suitcase and stole her lyrics without her knowing. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to the top” Charley told Yeimy while they visited her in jail. The reason Yeimy didn’t tell the police was because, Charley’s uncle was the biggest cartel leader. Charley threatened Yeimy that if she told anyone he would get his uncle to kill her whole family. Being in jail didn’t stop Yeimy from writing music her artistic flow didn’t stop there, this is not the last you hear of Yeimy.

Not only does Yeimy show her artistic flow, but she also proves how determined she is to get revenge on Charley. She decides to team up with the DEA to capture Charley’s uncle. “Charley is going to lose everything just like he took everything from me”. Charley ends up becoming famous on the songs she wrote, while she is in prison. She's determined now more than ever to getting revenge on Charley. Now that the DEA has given her a chance, she gets sent back to her hometown to capture Manin and she does this by using Charley to get what she wants. She changes her identity so that no one knows her, her new name is “Tammy Andrade”. She is very in successful by becoming a new person. “ I am going to get back everything Charley took from me. He is going to pay one way or another. He is not going to know what hit him”. Yeimy is artistic yet determined to her get stolen life back and to get justice for herself, for a crime she never commited.

Along this long road ahead of her she meets wonderful people. “Tammy you are so amazing, you have always been there for my mom”. “Tammy you are so caring, you care about my future”. Tammy's intentions were to destroy Charley, but along the way she meets wonderful people who she can trust and tell people her story.

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