Isaiah Salvador '14.

Essay Contest Winner
Isaiah Salvador '14 won the Respect for Life Essay Contest

Freshman Isaiah Salvador '14 was known as 1st spot champion in the Cardinal Cooke Guild's Respect forever Essay Contest and respected within 27th Anniversary Mass of Remembrance for His Eminence Terence Cardinal Cooke on Oct. 6th.

The Mass, held at St. Patrick's Cathedral, was celebrated by Many Rev. Dennis Sullivan, Vicar General regarding the Archdiocese of the latest York, and Isaiah, members of their family members, as well as Mr. Raslowsky and Mr. LiVigni attended. The essay that Isaiah had written was finished during his time as an 8th grader at St. Lucy's School, within the Bronx, as pupils had been asked to think about what teens may do to promote respect for peoples life in our society. Isaiah had been selected as St. Lucy's champion and a panel of judges later on selected him since the overall first place winner, which received him the Cardinal Cooke Medal also a $5,000 tuition scholarship to be utilized toward his Xavier education.

Mr. Michael LiVigni with Isaiah's family at
St. Patrick's Cathedral, Oct. 6th. Isaiah's winning essay:

Isaiah Salvador
«Respect For Life»

We must respect life. Society is apparently making the decisions on who should live and who should die. This power should only fit in with God. Laws are increasingly being made every single day about death penalties, abortion, suicides and weapon use. Respect for a lifetime is very important and has to be promoted by every person. Teenagers can do a lot of things to honor human being life each day.

Among the things teenagers may do to promote respect for peoples life inside our society is be a little more active in fighting for causes. We have to know what is occurring into the culture we inhabit. Teenagers are usually focused on what they are putting on, the newest video gaming, activities and popularity. When they would spend just as much awareness of all reasons that respect life, it would make an impact on culture. They are able to volunteer to handout leaflets during sporting events or wear ribbons to acknowledge an underlying cause contrary to the death penalty or abortion. Whenever we become more educated regarding the causes that are offered and understand the causes, culture would be different. Another way teenagers can market respect for a lifetime is through starting with by themselves. Whenever we respect ourselves as people we’ll embrace life. We'd wish to honor each other in a meaningful method just as Jesus has taught us. Whenever we are unhappy towards life we are living, we shouldn’t feel scared to attain down to a friend or relative to generally share it. We mustn’t keep it to ourselves; its tough to reach away however it will be the right move to make. As a buddy it's also advisable to assist a pal who's looking for assistance by listening and not judging them.

One final method teenagers can promote respect for a lifetime is always to deepen their relationship with God. We must come closer with God by going to church and feature the message inside our daily everyday lives. God has offered us the present of life; we should utilize this gift sensibly. He didn't offer it to united states to ensure that we might judge one another but respect and love the other person.

Teenagers could be too young to comprehend reasons why life can be so hard, but we're maybe not too young to volunteer for factors, tune in to our buddies‘ issues, and pray. Respect for life is something all of individual kind can perform; we have to acknowledge in which life originated from and who're we to go away.

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