Resource Levelling A Construction Project Essay


Discuss About The Resource Levelling A Construction Project?



Critical Path(Stelth, 2009): the path of project activities having 0 TS or TF forms critical path. The path is ‘M7: Batch of field ready tablets ready for use (end of project)’, ‘ Report D’, ‘ Report D’, ‘ Review and Approval’, ‘ Report B’ & ‘ Report C’, then ‘1.5.2 Tests of report generation with field data’, ‘1.5.3 Review’, ‘1.5.4 Modification and Testing’, ‘1.6.1 User Interface (in field) and interface to Server (from field)’, ‘1.6.2 Tests of report generation with field data’, ‘1.6.3 Review’, ‘1.6.4 Modification and Testing’, ‘1.7 Production Approval’, ‘1.8 Produce batch of Tablets for use in field’ and ‘M7: Batch of field ready tablets ready for use (end of project)’.

Impact of Annual holidays: till the operations from December 23, 2016 to January 4, 2017 was excluded the project complete date was May 29, 2017. In any case, once the occasions are entered, the project complete date updated to June 9, 2017.

Schedule compression(Lee, 2013) by 3 weeks: to compress the schedule by 3 weeks, we shall target the major activities in CRITICAL PATH. Reduce 1 week from the activity ‘ Report B’ & ‘ Report C’ by involving more Software Engineer (SE) to review the reports and reduce 2 weeks from ‘1.8 Produce batch of Tablets for use in field’ by doubling the resources Software Engineer (SE) and Electronic Engineer (EE).

Schedule Highlights of ‘ProjectSchedulePartA2.mpp’:

MSP & Resource Leveling(Dubey, 2015): the over allocated resources can be leveled either by expanding the time of the task, which implies the venture is should have been postponed or adding the resources to financial the work in scheduled time. But there is another way which MS Project adopts is by balancing the resources from non-critical activity to the critical so that bot the work can complete with the available resources and within the time too. So by automatically resources can be leveled in MSP software.

Critical Path: since the resource available for the job was more than the requirement so there is no change in dates or the critical path has happened. The full time resources were more than required so rearranging of activities and shifting the final completion data is not required and the critical path remained the same.

Impact of resource constraints(Stelth, 2009) on project finish date: as the resources were not the constraints in the project, so there has not been any shifting of final completion date from the earlier file when the leveling was not performed. But the date has changed only by introducing the holidays from 23rd December to 4th


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