"Reservoir Dogs" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Already a legend became a story about how in the early 90-ies of the last decade, an unknown 29-year-old young man named Quentin Tarantino with the appearance of a maniac, escaped from a mental hospital, which has no professional education and even a certificate of completion of secondary school, in an instant an eye turned into the most sought after American director. The reason for this hugely under review was the picture is "Reservoir Dogs", having turned an idea of ​​what should be a movie about a robbery. If before this kind of tape focused on the preparation of the robbery and the operation itself, the film Tarantino just do not. He decided to avoid plot stamps, and start the story where the other begins in the very place where the criminals on the lam after a shootout with the police, who knew of the impending raid by a special agent before it ended.
story about a botched robbery of a jewelry store, overshadowing a safecracker. Mr. White brings writhing in pain as a result of a gunshot wound in the stomach of Mr. Orange, an abandoned warehouse, where bandits initially agreed to meet. Gradually, at the warehouse, like in a play, will come the other members of robbery. Each of them will have their own version of events and arguments in his defense. Mr. Pink will seem the most prudent of all companies - to no such thought. By Mr. Blond claims also can not be, even though we know from the words of other characters that during the robbery, he behaved like a real psychopath, shot down a lot of people. However, he thought of bringing to the warehouse of the police (related, of course) and thus secured a hundred percent alibi.
question of who was the traitor, Tarantino stretches for good 60 minutes of screen time, but the film does not become less interesting. On the contrary, with each plot the course, you will be involved in the story more and more, looking forward to an answer to the main question, and having received it, continue to watch the film, as you will be wondering who will survive this carnage. By the time you are cute and robbers, and the one who had betrayed them.
The story unfolds in real time and takes about an hour. He takes longer due to the fact that Quentin uses several retrospectives, to show the recruitment of some of the characters, the introduction of the police and a gang of preparation of the operation. These scenes help to get a better look from different sides of the main story, unfolding in stock.
Undoubtedly, one of the components of the success of the film has become a successful casting. Michael Madsen is inseparable from the role of Mr. Blond. Scenes with his participation - the best in the film. Take his first appearance in a warehouse or a dance with a razor. It seems that Madsen willingly played only in the films of Tarantino, among other directors, he looks somehow sluggish. Maybe they can not properly present his talent
Harvey Keitel very convincing in the role of Mr. White - the offender with years of experience, in which the professional cruelty of neighbors with strange sentimentality. I can not forget the scene when he was a fatherly caring for Mr. Orange. In it, he saw his son, whom he has never been, and probably will not. Act of kindness to a man whom he did not know, killed him. Although I do not think that the hero Tim Roth was easy to do its job - holding it, he had no idea that some of the criminals will show him such a warm feeling. In this context, it is hard to watch the final scene, when the truth pops out and the hero Keitel have to make a choice between life in spite of his gangster principles and death, according to them.
Who is striking in its prudence and professionalism, it's Mr. Pink (Steve in the brilliant performance Buscemi) - very suspicious and nervous type who thinks only about the case. It is no accident but he manages to escape from a jewelry store empty-handed
Other actors are also good. Lawrence Tierney as a gang leader, Chris Penn, who plays his son Beau Eddie himself Quentin Tarantino appears in three episodes, and, of course, Tim Roth, for whom the role of Mr. Orange became the first in Hollywood - until then it was filmed mainly in British films
«Reservoir dogs." - the first and most sincere film by Quentin Tarantino, the script for which he wrote while still working seller videotapes. The picture, taken for a ridiculous $ 1.2 million, has collected more than 20 million at the US box office, allowing Quentin improve their financial situation, and leave on the floor, in Amsterdam, where he wrote
«Pulp Fiction." While that "Reservoir dogs" among the first band in his career Tarantino - it is possible to find a lot of attributes that will be the same in his later works, whether it is non-linear narrative, broken into chapters; witty dialogue; force as a means of expression; opinionated characters in which samurai principles borders on absolute pofigizmom; and many different chips that are fans of the maestro will notice as soon as the start to watch a movie.
In "Psah" no deep philosophical subtext was present in "Pulp Fiction" and later in "Kill Bill". This is a classic example of genre cinema, in which the main role is given to the story. When writing the script, Tarantino soberly assess their capabilities - without a penny in his pocket, he could tell the story of a modest, all the action that would occur in one place (in this case in stock) that would not require large budgetary costs. In this regard, "Reservoir Dogs" are one of the most thoughtful debuts in film history. After the success of its tape at various festivals, Tarantino assured all that he could to get it on black and white 16mm film with unknown actors, yielding the same result. Perhaps the picture really would have suffered the same fate if not for Harvey Keitel, who expressed a desire to not only play a major role in the film, but also to become one of the co-producers. Interestingly, in the year Keitel to assist in the implementation of another low-budget project - crime drama Abel Ferrara's "Bad Lieutenant", which statement is also hanging in the balance. As a result, we have two great religious paintings, whose appearance, along with the films of Jim Jarmusch and Spike Lee, many experts compare with the rise of the independent American cinematography. Tarantino tape, remember, is the unofficial status of the best independent film of the XX century.
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