"Reservoir Dogs" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A bit of history. One day, 28 year old Quentin Tarntino came up with a brilliant idea - to show the film about the robbery, robbery without the most! Of course, what could be better! And the whole emphasis is on acting, and all the action should take place in the same room, after the robbery, respectively. And he wrote the screenplay for / f "Reservoir Dogs", which literally means "Dogs of the reservoir." Quentin originally wanted to make this film was only one of the stories to another great movie "Pulp Fiction". Quentin but soon decided that it was completely independent project, so he sat down to a matter of urgency to look for money in the incarnation of his brilliant plan.
Quentin originally planned to shoot his film on 16mm black and white film, laid in a budget of US $ 35 million ( the fee for the script "True Love"), as well as actors planned to use their friends
But once the script was one of the closest friends of Quentin -. Lawrence Bender. He told Quentin that his script - too good to shoot it in these "Terms of Guerrilla" (c). He offered to wait a bit to Quentin with his film, as Lawrence tries to find sponsors, so that they have invested in such a scenario
But once the script was one good man -. Harvey Keitel. He read the script, "the strange newcomer" and he really liked it. Therefore, Harvey immediately expressed his desire to play in this film, in fact, he offered to help find the money for the film. Producers, in turn, to see what the film intends to play a powerful actor, immediately increased the budget to almost half a million dollars.
And then went running ... The film began arriving excellent actors giants. Quentin is selected only the best. Actually there were 8. Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi. Chris Penn, Lawrence Tierney. Eddie Bunker in this film played a cameo role, but here it is necessary to clarify for those who do not know, Edward Bunker was a former hardened recidivist, then, having stayed in many prisons for many, many years, he rethought his life and began to write the book. One of his books has a very similar story from "Reservoir Dogs", the book is called - "Dog Eat Dog" (even the names are similar, by the way, in Russia, this book can be found under the name "and it shall devour the dog Dog"). Quentin Tarantino also played a cameo role as Mr. Brown, who says what in fact Madonna sings in her song "Like a Virgin".
plot of the film is quite simple, but I'm about to tell him all the same, but the only extra you nothing I tell. Hardened crime boss Joe Cabot and his son Eddie are planning to hold a jewelry store robbery, clearly understood, they themselves can not rob him, the more they are not one of those guys who are doing it. So they collect the most professional and proven over the years the robbers, so that they robbed the store.
These guys had not been familiar with each other, but Joe is not really something and wants them to each other to introduce, because if they catch one, it can easily pass all the others. Therefore, it prohibits them from calling each other their names, and they come up with a nickname - Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink
But during a robbery that something goes wrong, or rather for some reason. the police came sooner than was supposed, therefore, taking the diamonds, the guys who dumped somewhere, but the venue they have one - an old abandoned warehouse. Of course, including some one - snitch snitched to the police. Guys are going slowly at the venue. But maybe some of them have already been killed? Maybe some of them have already been questioned by the police? But most important, the interests of all, a question to which they will have to find the answer - who all laid
That in general we can say about this rather simple plot? And just what Quentin Tarantino has created a stunning film that literally made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival. From this seemingly simple plot to remove something amazing - it's just necessary to be able
In the film, there are also great acting work.. I would particularly like to note Michael Madsen and elegant "Mr. Blond". Mr. Blonde - real crazy, but crazy honest. He will always be remembered for the famous dance with a straight razor before the police captured, under the wonderful Stealers Wheel song duet - "Stuck In The Middle With You". And immediately the scene cut ear - one of the best scenes in movie history. All the other actors also play just fine, especially would like to mention Steve Buscemi and his "Mr. Pink"
Mr. Pink -. The second brightest in this film, brighter this role only Mr. Blonde. Mr. Rose has two simple masterpiece of the scene, the first - at the beginning of the film, when he said that "does not believe in tipping," and the second - the scene of the discussion of its nickname, and only the phrase "Come on, I'll be better, Mr. Purple" - just shine!
All other roles are no less vivid, but discuss them, we will not. You can of course be noted Harvey Keitel and his "Mr. White" (perhaps he had more or less normal nickname), Tim Roth and his "Mr. Orange", Chris Pena and his "Good Guy Eddie." Lawrence Tierney and his "Joe Cabot," Quentin Tarantino and his "Mr. Brown" (his monologue about the Madonna song "Like a Virgin" - just shedevralen), and in fact Edward Bunker in a cameo in "Mr. Blue"
I. of course, I can start talking about the famous "Tarantino" dialogue, but then I'll just stop ... I can just say what they like, and put Tarantino - a rather stupid and do something about anything. Well, that's that, for example in smart dialogue about how much to give a tip to the waitress? Or about all the same song Madonna? Nothing! But that's the beauty of these dialogues, because they get very lively and natural, which is why the characters do not look like "cardboard", and they are quite real people with their problems.
In general, if you do not understand, then I tell you straight - this movie you must see. This is a brilliant crime drama, the first film (about "My Best Friend's Birthday" keep silent), the famous "Mr. Tarantino." In this film there is everything you need a great movie - great story, great characters, great dialogue, gorgeous actor's works and, of course, smart directing the film. So look, look again and see this film (although better than no translation).
P.S. And then Mr. Tarantino took the / f "Pulp Fiction" that we will somehow talk ...

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