"Reservoir Dogs" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Tarantino sample 1991 actually ... no. Screenwriter, director, producer and actor in the unfinished short film "My Best Friend's Birthday ', on which he worked for 2 years, and 4 could not finish. Screenwriter pair reluctantly sold scenarios. And rampant kinomanyak peeking bunch of movies and exotic porridge from all scanned in the head, ready to shoot his first full meter during that whatever the cost - with friends as actors, of sticks as decorations on a 16-mm camera .. .
But fortune favors the bold. And she presented Quentin gift of love with the famous actor Harvey Keitel, who became interested in the idea, the picture became a producer and helped with funding. The film was ready in 1991, but no large-scale promotion did not get a picture of the viewer is not tasted, which, however, did not prevent Tarantino is widely known in narrow circles. Critics talked about the strange and bizarre film director, to break the usual narrative structure, manic brutal, stylish, undoubtedly talented, full of allusions and quotations, issuing huge kinobagazh its author, claustrophobic and Theater with all its hyper-realistic. Painting and its author became cautious praise, and then exploded in 'Pulp Fiction', to open another 'new wave' of American cinema. Start 'tarantinomaniya', and the public has finally paid attention to the first film of his new idol. 'Reservoir Dogs' acquired the status of a cult film, but with today's perspective, looks one of the most important and stileobrazuyuschih kinoikon 90.
What fascinates in the first film Tarantino? Firstly, the almost complete absence of active steps: almost all displayed occurs in an enclosed space (with small travel into the past), where criminals quarreling between themselves and fall into paranoia. No robbery, which should be the center of a three-act structure, nor the death of some of the characters, no explanation 'what went wrong' - no! It was almost shocking & nbsp; for the viewers who are accustomed to the standard 80 militants about the robbery, and fellow teammates, all the fun seemed to be left behind the scenes, and in the frame - continuous chatter
But this is what Tarantino sought!. In contrast to the eternal kinopravila - more show less tell it, on the contrary, chose retelling of events by the event - but did it so vividly expressive, emotionally, that the spectator of all this fantasizing your picture and is well aware of what happened and what to expect next - that is to say - no good. Not least because that Tarnatino rid of the usual heroes and villains of genre cinema, filled with paintings and mixed Distinguishing characters are not familiar with each other, telling lies shamelessly, found themselves in a difficult situation and tossing like a rat in a cage suspended over the fire. And we do not know what to wait from them: all the characters are on edge, all - the criminals, all - scoundrels, at any time, will feature shots ...
nature of each registered to the smallest detail, and disclosed in the first stage, it was too unusual. It's so bright, odious and psychopathic personality, the film with such characters simply can not be boring - yes? - Tarantino throws the bait. A rare example of an ensemble, where all great and no one pulls the blanket over himself. Incredibly convincing Tim Roth. Madsen - completely wild and bastard sadist with maniaklnym eyes, causing the sea of ​​negative emotions, even when doing nothing, perfect in its image & nbsp; Buscemi, whose bright eyes and hysterical "We're professionals," outstanding complete ignorance of what to do next - wonderful. Good and Keitel & nbsp; - a ruthless gangster, touchingly caring about his comrade, his play in the final - a real high tragedy
Secondly - and this has been the bedrock of the Tarantino style - unique dialogues, full of black humor and shameless details.. Tarantino does not mince words, so his films - the pain for distributors and translators, not only because of the word «fuck», but also because of the trudnoperevodimoy puns and slang translated losing irony and sarcasm
Third. 'a broken' narrative structure, broken into chapters, which mixes the present, past and even 'lzheproshloe' each character. But this discontinuity eventually develops into a coherent and logical picture looks extremely exciting
Fourth, postmodern kinomanskoe quoting and borrowing -. A reference to a wide variety of films of yesteryear transform a picture into a kind epigonic almanac, which do not always quite clear - that is plagiarism, that - inspired, and that - a parody. Did not hesitate, Tarantino borrowed plots and characters of world cinema grand piggy banks to make their own, and not just their own, like a thief - a stolen thing, but belong solely to him, as a cook, experimenting with the old recipe
Fifth., genre affiliation, confused many. What is it? Brutal thriller without the protagonist (all heroes - antiheroes, all guilty, all murderers - is not random, no one, in fact, does not cause sympathy, and all should be punished - even a cop who, at first, received retribution for murder of an innocent man and secondly, causes the death of a friend, who had gone for the sake of his death) and antagonist (in this role is played by the time works against heroes, their own fear and distrust of each other - a rare case when the enemy - abstract)? Modern noir? Thriller with numerous counterpoint Mexican duel and nehilym sasmpensom in which frightens not only done, but the things that can happen? Or a crime drama with true and binding catharsis? Or maybe a black comedy evil troll who likes to watch the suffering and pain under the groovy soundtrack, where the dregs become hostages of their own stupidity and imbalance?
And so all mixed up in this soup, it turns out he does not have any genre. So, the parable. 'Crime novel'. Zaboristaya bike, one of those that are the same bastards tell each other in another cafe after discussion boobs and Madonna songs. More precisely, this genre - 'Tarantino film', now we know
Tarantino gave quite unusual at the time a film that shines a gold coin in the trunk of a Hollywood movie 90.. And he continues to shine is now, because he has almost no bindings at the time. The same characters, the same people can get into the same situation in the 30s, 90s, 2010s, and after 20 or 30 years. Special, colorful, original, he could not fail to attract attention. Quentin perfect time caught a wave, feeling the coming era of 'cocktails', gathered in his opus pieces of all genres, all countries of the world cinema, he rested not a banal fight criminals with the law, and rabid dogs squabbling among themselves, and it turned out great. This action-packed strip is rightly called a classic and a masterpiece - a strong, stylish, exciting, kitschy, garish, stylistically daring search experiment yourself in the cinematic chaos
10 of 10.

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